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Zappicator AG-1

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Product information "Zappicator AG-1"

Dr. Clark says: "You can use it not only to treat your food, but also your drinking water, cosmetics, supplements, toys, clothes, etc.."

Vitamins and organically bound minerals are preserved. Metals and solvents (except benzene) are not affected. The Zappicator is said to be more effective and easier to use than the ultrasound cleaner recommended by Dr. Clark before.

The Zappicator consists of a black box with built-in speaker magnets and a white control unit that generates the frequency of 1000 Hz. The food to be cleaned is placed on the folded box. 

  •   Convenient operation: Switch it on, place it , wait, done.
  •   Automatic switch-off: After 20 minutes, the appliance switches off automatically and beeps so that more food can be added. There is also the option without time limit.
  •   Battery alarm: The battery light signals when the battery needs to be replaced.

The control unit (generates 1000 Hz) is integrated in the housing and is placed next to it when used.

Delivery includes

  •   Zappicator 1000 Hz (+- 5 Hz) - square wave voltage with positive offset Output voltage: 10 Volt continuously with 9V battery connected
  •   Speaker box incl. cable
  •   9V battery
  •   Detailed operating instructions
  •   dimensions 223x170x55mm; weight of 500g in total

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