The test box contains 20 different monoatomic elements
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Test kit Monatomic elements

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Product information "Test kit Monatomic elements"

This test kit contains all 20 monatomic elements that we offer. Each sample contains 2ml of the corresponding monatomic element.

Most of our customers use the Bio-Tensor to test which monatomic element they or their patients need. You can also work with EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Voll), RAC pulse palpation method or other test methods.

We enclose a list of the samples. They last at least one year.

The stable and beautiful test kit is made of plywood. The dimensions are 23.5 x 15 x 3.5 cm.   

The test kit contains the following 20 monatomic elements:

  •  silver
  •  copper
  •  magnesium
  •   platinum
  •  tin
  •  gold
  •   iron
  •   manganese
  •   rhodium
  •   zinc
  •   boron
  •   germanium
  •   osmium
  •   ruthenium
  •   vanadium
  •   chrome
  •   iridium
  •   palladium
  •   silicon
  •   zirconium





  •   meteorite


The effect of Colloidal is described in our ebook " Colloidal Minerals and trace elements ". It was thoroughly revised in 2023 and has 142 pages. You can download it directly here: Ebook-on-Colloidal-minerals-5th-edition

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