Preview: Colloidal silver from electrolysis - with free spray bottle
Preview: Colloidal Silver from Electrolysis - Label German and English
Colloidal silver from electrolysis - with free spray bottle
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Colloidal silver 300ml 30ppm

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Product information "Colloidal silver 300ml 30ppm"

You also receive a free 50ml spray bottle in blue glass and medical instructions for use. You can pay by PayPal, credit card or on prepayment.

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Collodial silver benefits

Please download our 97 pages Ebook on Colloidal minerals with descriptions of all effects and benefits (available also in german).

The amount is 300 ml, the silver concentration is 30 ppm. This concentration can be diluted by mixing it with drinking water, because a concentration of 5-10 ppm is often sufficient for oral application. You can take silver water also preventively, for example in flu times or traveling to exotic countries. 

The colloidal silver contains only distilled water and pure silver (99.99% pure). It does not contain any unnecessary additives, salt or preservatives. This is important because such particles would combine with the valuable silver ions and make them useless.

Colloidal silver is so ingenious because it is so versatile and has no negative side effects. It does not interfer with homeopathic or other remedies.

This Silver water is produced by electrolysis and is therefore inexpensive. By limiting the current to 4mA, particularly fine silver water is produced. During electrolysis, two pure silver electrodes are immersed in hot distilled water and a voltage of approx. 30 volts is applied. This causes the silver to dissolve in the distilled water.

Colloidal silver uses

Colloidal silver is efficient, versatile and free of negative effects (if dosage recommendations are followed). It can be used in many ways:

  •   orally: take about 30 drops in your mouth and leave them under your tongue for 1 minute before swallowing. Take this colloidal silver best between meals and in the evening before going to bed. You can increase the dose if you have an acute need or during flu periods. For children and animals, please reduce the recommended amount according to your lower body weight.
  •   inhale, best with a cold inhaler
  •   externally, e.g. on wounds or bedsores (decubitus). Spray the colloidal silver onto the skin with the delivered spray bottle.
  •   into the eyes with our special eye drops bottle
  •   into the nose; we offer the matching nasal spray bottle for this purpose
  •   directly into the throat by gargling and into the bronchi with our throat spray bottle
  •   vaginal and genital: soak a tampon with colloidal silver and insert it
  •   if you need larger quantities for plants, you can reduce the silver concentration from 30ppm to 2ppm: by mixing with drinking water in a ratio of 1:15

Colloidal silver for kids and animals

Our 2 year old son came with many vacancies from his summer vacation. We gave him the liquid silver orally and externally - and after 2 weeks everything was healed. Our teenagers take the silver for their acne, they mix it with Zeolith powder to a face mask - with success!

You can also give the silver water to children and to your pets. If, for exampe, your dog has an inflammation in the ear, you can put the Colloidal silver into the ear. Or if your cat has wound, you can treat them with the silver. You can desinfect household articles and animal accessories or just put a small amount to the pet's drinking water. Our clients even treat their rabbits, birds or mice.

Needless to say, large animals such as horses and cows also benefit from the colloidal silver. Many farmers give it to their animals - instead of antibiotics.

What is colloidal silver?

Pure colloidal silver consists of tiny silver particles distributed in distilled water. It consists partly of electrically neutral silver particles and partly of charged silver ions (Ag+).

Silver has been used as a versatile remedy for thousands of years. It was used ground. The invention of electricity made it possible to produce much finer silver water by electrolysis.

The Laser test

A green laser beam is also directed at a brown glass - on the right photo a green line is drawn through the liquid

A green laser can be used to test whether a colloid is present. The glass on the left photo contains only distilled water - no beam is visible.

The glass on the right photo contains colloidal silver in a concentration of 30 ppm. You can clearly see the green line running through the glass. It marks the numerous silver particles.



Kirlian photography

One sees two Kirlian photographs with a violet energy wreath against a black background

Kirlian photograph of a drop of distilled water before and after 5 minutes of silver electrolysis. It is clearly visible how the bioelectric field becomes denser.

Kirlian photography is a proven bioenergetic method of measuring the energy field around living or inanimate bodies.  

Note: we also offer a very high-quality colloidal silver (50 ppm), which is produced with the innovative proton resonance process and is therefore extremely pure and consists of extremely small particles.

Customer reviews for "Colloidal silver 300ml 30ppm"
19 Oct 2019

Helps us in so many cases

Colloidal silver is a real magic cure. It helps our familiy in times of flu, when the kids hurt themselves or even for the acne of Julian.

19 Oct 2019

What a price!

Colloidal silver is a perfect natural antibiotic. Here I found it at a sensational price.

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