Battery 9V-block - High charging capacity of 650mAh
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rechargable battery 9V 650mAh

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Product information "rechargable battery 9V 650mAh"

About the Soshine rechargable battery

This is an exceptionally powerful 9 volt battery with a charging capacity of 650mAh ( milliAmpereHours). This makes it almost three times more powerful than the most powerful 9V rechargeable batteries to date - and almost at the same price!

This high capacity allows you or your patients to zap for several hours without charging the battery. The 9V rechargeable battery is suitable as a power source for all our parasite zappers and frequency generators.

The lithium-ion battery (Li-ion) can be recharged approx. 1000 times. It lasts longer if you always let it run completely empty before you recharge it. The Soshine charger is matched to this battery.

Please note

This battery is not compatible with the charger that comes with the Rife machines Diamond Shield. This is because it only charges nickel-metal hydride batteries.

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