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Professional Version Chipcard Creator

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Product information "Professional Version Chipcard Creator"

This product is the extension of the PC software CHIPCARD CREATOR to the professional version. Learn more on our page Healing frequencies. You can find out how to upgrade the free version to the pro version in the Healing Frequencies manual for upgrade to professional version.


You are completely free in creating frequency programs:

  •   you can use all databases of the online library Healing Frequencies and copy complete frequency programs on your Master chipcards
  •   additionally, you can add any frequencies and define parameters such as duration, wobbling, microcurrents and pulse discharge    
  •   use functions like CUT, COPY and PASTE 
  •   Two digits after the decimal point can be entered, e.g. the Schumann frequency of 7.83 Hz 

That's how it goes

First, download the free version of the CHIPCARD CREATOR software from the official Healing Frequency page. (scroll down a bit and click on DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE on the right). Please restart your computer after installation.

Then write us an email with the "installation key", which you can find in the CHIPCARD CREATOR in the Settings menu. This code will then be activated for you within a few days. 

Please note: the software only works when you are online.

And that's for free:

The Master chipcards are rewritable. So, therapists and private customers who can test (e.g. with the biotensor or kinesiologically), can determine in subsequent treatments which frequencies help best, and thus optimize the program on the master chipcard again and again.

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