Zappicator according to Hulda Clark

The Zappicator is a food zapper. It was invented by Dr. Hulda Clark just like the parasite zapper. The Zappicator transfers the benefits of frequency technology to the daily consumption and use of everyday objects.

The wooden board is nicer, larger and has a denser magnetic field than the Zappicator AG-1. But it is heavier and therefore not very suitable for travelling and for application on the jaw. The complete Zappicator AG-1 is lighter, so good for travel and dental treatment. 

The wooden board and the Zappicator box can be operated with a Rife machine Diamond Shield (program Zappicator).

You can read more about the Zappicator in the eBook Frequency therapy by Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann.

What can you zap with the Zappicator?

  •   your food
  •   your drinking water
  •   clothing
  •   cosmetics
  •   toys
  •   applications to jaws and teeth