Preview: Diamond Shield Zapper with earthing - buy online or rent here
Preview: Diamond Shield Zapper with earthing - buy online or rent here
Preview: Diamond Shield Zapper with earthing - comes with a lot of accessories
Preview: Diamond Shield Zapper with earthing - all accessories connected
Preview: Diamond Shield Zapper with earthing - in its suitcase
Diamond Shield Zapper with earthing - buy online or rent here
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Multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield IE

Article number: 1101008

340.20 €
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When ordering a zapper you will receive one frequency chipcard free of charge:

Product information "Multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield IE"

This device will probably not be available before end of July. If you need a rife machine urgently, we recommend a Diamond Shield Crystal.

State-of-the-art zapping

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The page Rife machine Diamond Shield tells you all about the revolutionary innovations of the Diamond Shield Zappers, which are also Rife machines. There you will also find interesting videos. General information about parasite zappers can be found on the page Parasite zapper.

The zapper Diamond Shield IE with grounding is the standard model of the Diamond Shield family. Here you benefit from the latest discoveries in frequency therapy: many parameters of zapping are now finely tuned to each other:

  •   Wobbling the frequency ranges of Hulda Clark
  •   Relief through earthing and pulse discharge
  •   Current and voltage 
  •   Use of all Rife frequencies
  •   Microcurrents below 1 Volt

Request our customers' testimonials free of charge by email! We also have frequency chipcards and accessories for the Diamond Shield Zapper.

13 important frequency programs are stored permanently

(You will get to the page Rife machine Diamond Shield)

Rent instead of buy 

For 49,- € per month you can also rent the Diamond Shield IE (up to 2 months). Chipcards cost 5,- € per month and piece (up to 5). The rental fee is fully deducted at the time of purchase. Please note: you only get a free chipcard if you buy immediately, not if you buy after rent.

We charge a deposit of 200,- €, which we will repay you with the purchase - or which you will get back with the return of the faultless device. If you want to rent the device, please send us your order by email. We will reply with the invoice for payment in advance (bank transfer or PayPal).

  Button delivery includes

 Zapper Diamond Shield in its suitcase with all the accessories

  •   Zapper Diamond Shield IE in sturdy protective case
  •   1 frequency chipcard of your choice - you can select it on the top right (below the price)
  •   illuminated display, contrast adjustable, beep can be switched off
  •   cable (suitable for all accessories of Diamond Shield and BW21 Zappers)
  •   earthing cable
  •   socket tester
  •   2 flexible metal wrist cuffs (nickel-free). Due to delivery problems, we currently supply wrist cuffs with a sponge layer instead.
  •   2 large adhesive electrodes for EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)
  •   battery 9 Volt
  •   Technical instructions, see Manual Diamond Shield german-english
  •   detailed list of frequency programs
  •   the ebook-Jutta-Mauermann-Frequency-therapy by Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann
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