Rife machine Diamond Shield

What ist new about the Rife machine Diamond Shield?

With Diamond Shield you have a Rife machine and a Hulda Clark zapper in one device. You can use Raymond Rife and Clark frequencies in a wide range - from 0.1Hz up to 2,500,000Hz. So you can use frequency therapy with all its possibilities. The use is completely safe because the current is very weak - less is more!

The combination of zapper and fractal amplifier makes frequency therapy even more effective - by up to 300%. Cheaper in a bundle - you save 99,- €. Those who already own a Zapper can also purchase the Fractal Amplifier separately (can be used with ANY parasite zapper).

Which Rife machine is the best? Diamond Shield is the only Rife machine with which you can also earth yourself to deliver harmful loads. Furthermore, it offers many technical innovations like microcurrents. The prices are reasonable and the ingenious testimonials of our customers encourage us to offer exactly these devices.

Accessories for Rife machine Diamond Shield   Frequency chipcards for Rife machine Diamond Shield


Woman sitting in the garden connected to the zapper

Diamond Shield Zapper with 6 real innovations

Diamond Shield Zappers are suitable for therapy at home or in the therapeutic practice. Some important frequency programs are stored on the device, 120 more on frequency chipcards. So you find exactly the programs you need. When you purchase a Diamond Shield device, you will receive a chip card of your choice free of charge.

You find 3 different models with different skills - see the comparison table below. So you can find the model that suits you best.

  •   You can do wobbling and thus completely reach the frequency ranges of Dr. Hulda Clark. (Please click on the red links to learn more about the six technical terms).

  •   Microcurrents allow regulating the intensity of the zapper down to 0.1 volts. The Arndt Schulz rule states: "For every substance, small doses stimulate, moderate doses inhibit, large doses kill. " All supporting chip cards (such as DTX or BiBlo) should be used with microcurrents.

  •   You can generate frequency modulation. This means that one frequency is put on top of another so that two frequencies run simultaneously. You can use 2 to 254x modulation.

  •   You can increase the effectiveness of zapper therapy by earthing and impulse discharge. Earthing allows discharging disturbing electrosmog loads. A revolution in zapping! Rife machines Diamond Shield are the only ones you can earth yourself with.
  •   The principle of harmonic waves has been known since Pythagoras. It is found, for example, as a system of harmonic relationships in music (intervals). Nathuropath Alan Baklayan transferred this principle to the human organism with its meridians, and further developed it for treatment. Harmonic waves allow relaxation and a gentle feeling of well-being on all levels. Diamond Shield feeds the meridian system with the right impulses.

  •   Constant current control. Instead of defining the output voltage, you can now also set the amperage in milliampere. This ensures a constant application.

The many frequencies stored on the zapper already include this imaginative technology. The Rife machine Diamond Shield offers almost infinite possibilities and are nevertheless easy to use. This is bioresonance therapy for treatments at the therapeutic practice or at home.

In addition, you can use the chipcard options of the zappers. Select the ideal frequency programs for you from our extensive frequency chipcard program.

logo made in germanyQuality made in Germany

  •   High quality workmanship
  •   Powerful generator
  •   Reliable accuracy
  •   Robust, shapely housing

Diamond Shield Rife machine for sale

You can see the multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield Crystal

Who invented the Rife machine?

Raymond Rife was the inventor of frequency therapy in the 1930s. He was able to see numerous pathogens with his ingenious microscope and discovered that they were the cause of numerous diseases such as cancer. 

Therefore, he built a frequency generator that could transmit certain frequencies to humans. Find out more on the Dr Raymond Rife page.

13 programs included with a total of 116 frequencies

  •   The well-known 3x7-minutes zapper program by Dr. Clark with broadband effect (30 kHz with 20 minutes interruption each). With 0.25 V positive offset. This means that the square wave is completely shifted into the positive range and does not touch the zero line. Also as "continuous zapping".

  •   Diamond Shield – A shield program by Alan Baklayan. Regulates, harmonizes and activates all meridians within 6 minutes.

  •   Feel-good and relax program

  •   2 different EMS programs. The electrical muscle stimulation EMS is a proven, recognized method. EMS is applied with special body electrodes (included in scope of delivery). All TENS programs previously stored on the DS Zappers, are now available as Chipcard TENS. Thus you can also perform TENS, the recognized "transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation" also with a Diamond Shield Rife machine.

  •   “Golden Stream” to stimulate the meridians. The energy paths of the body are powered and energetically brought into balance.

  •   Fl-M, Co-M, Ba-M, Pa-M (for legal reasons here only abbreviations)

  •   Bo-M program for lyme desease.

  •   Blood zapper according to Dr. Robert Beck (3.92 Hz). Here both electrodes are placed on one arm. Beck discovered that this works especially well for blood purification.

  •   Zappicator (1000 Hz) according to Dr. Clark for use with a zappicator plate

  •   Program “Plate” for plate zapping as invented by Hulda Clark. This frequency allows for homeographic copying, for example. 

Does Rife machine really work?

You don't have to buy a pig in a poke. You can also rent the equipment - at a fair price of 49,- € per month. Convince yourself of the effect of frequency therapy before you buy it. The maximum rental period is 2 months. Then you can either return the zapper or buy it. Rental payments will be settled upon purchase.

You can rent up to 5 chipcards (at 5 € each per month). In case of rental please order by email. Read our customers’ testimonials - simply request them, they’re free of charge!

Zapper Diamond Shield IE with accessories in case


The display shows all relevant information. The zapper is available in a high-quality finish, in a sturdy case with the following scope of delivery:

  •   1-frequency chipcard of your choice
  •   Flexible metal wrist electrodes
  •   Electrode cable and earthing cable
  •   Test devices for the socket + battery
  •   Adhesive electrodes for EMS and TENS therapy
  •   List of programs included in Zapper (16 programs with 113 frequencies in total)
  •   The ebook-Jutta-Mauermann-Frequency-therapy by Dr. med. Jutta Mauerman
  •    Detailed operating instructions for the device in two languages (German and English)
  •   Dimensions: 140x82x25 mm 

How to use the Diamond Shield Rife machine

By means of two electrodes, current flows into the body at specific frequencies. There is no risk for humans because the vibration is low. Many users do not even feel it. The device also offers the possibility to regulate the intensity of the current in order to adapt it to your individual sensitivity.

Skin contact

A good skin contact is the key to effectiveness. Therefore, the Diamond Shield Rife machine is connected with the wrists via cuffs. These are elastic, so they fit any wrist circumference.

In the main menu of the DS, select a program and press START (run). It is so simple that even anti-technical or elderly people can handle it without any problems.

For the EMS programs, adhesive electrodes are placed next to the painful areas. Beck's Bloodzapper program uses two wrist straps attached to the same forearm, side by side.


There are two books that explain the function and effectiveness of the DS Zapper in detail. You can buy these in our shop to get the best health benefits from the devices: 

Book Alan Baklayan Gentle healing


Alan Baklayan: Gentle Healing with harmonic waves

"Gentle Healing" describes why and how naturopath Alan Baklayan developed the new technical features of the DS Zapper.

"Gentle Healing" is the theory book with many details on each function. The topic is dealt with in detail.

Book Alan Baklayan Gentle self healing

Alan Baklayan: Gentle self-healing


"Gentle Self-Healing" is the practice book for therapy with DS, arranged according to indications and degree of illness.

With many tips it offers help for self-help with the zapper device. So you can take your healing and health into your own hands - with numerous therapeutic applications.

By the way: Baklayan has published a LINK frequency manual that makes programming even easier. It comes free of charge with the DS professional. 

Technical features of the Diamond Shield Rife machine

LCD display

The display shows you

  •   the name of the program you have selected
  •   the frequency that is currently running
  •   the voltage (volt) or the current (milliampere)
  •   the remaining treatment time (countdown)
  •   the battery level
Adjustable voltage
Although the power source is a 9V battery, you can set any voltage from 1 and 16 volts. You may adjust this intensity according to your individual sensitivity. You may also switch to constant current  
Automatic contact control
Before starting any program, the system checks that there is good contact with the body.
Wide frequency range

Diamond Shield covers an enourmous frequency range: frequencies from 1 hertz (cycles per second) to 2.5 million hertz (megahertz).

High precision

DieThe devices work with a precision of 0.01%, which corresponds to 100ppm.

Square Wave
You may choose between positive / negative or purely positive range (positive offset). The zapper program has a 0.25V minimum voltage, as recommended by Dr. Hulda Clark. 

Comparison table of the Diamond Shield Rife machines (DS)

Frequency generator
Wobble (sweeping) haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein
Microcurrents haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein
Constant current control haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein
Modulated frequencies haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein
Earthing with earthing cable and socket tester haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein

Crystal Program for deep cleansing of the meridians

(available with 
CRYSTAL chipcard)

haken_klein kreuz_klein
(available with 
CRYSTAL chipcard)
Design your own frequency programs kreuz_klein kreuz_klein haken_klein
15 integrated frequency programs haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein
Equipped with cables and electrodes haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein
Special equipment with 9V rechargeable battery and charger kreuz_klein haken_klein haken_klein
Rental option haken_klein haken_klein haken_klein

How Rife machine works

The principle of resonance is: Bio-frequencies interact with a "partner" within the body. And you can use this interaction in a much targeted way. This opens up a wide field of many possible applications. 

Naturopaths or ambitious private users can save their own frequency programs on chipcards - with the frequency generator Diamond Shield professional. Natural health professionals can give the individually programmed chipcards to their patients. All DS devices can read these chipcards.

As a private user you can use all pre-programmed chipcards as well as the individual chipcard of your therapist. On your own zapper – at home or on the road.


Diamond Shield Crystal

The Diamond Shield Crystal additionally contains the sophisticated Crystal program by Alan Baklayan. It serves the deep stimulation of the entire meridian system. Crystal is based on the discovery of harmonic waves.

The Crystal program is also available as a separate CRYSTAL chipcard. So Crystal can be used on all DS devices.

Diamond Shield professional 

You can enter any frequency between 1Hz and 2.5MHz in the Diamond Shield professional. This allows you to create your own individual programs, e.g. for your entire family or for patients. They can simply play their individual program at home on their own zapper.

The frequency manual tells you exactly which parameters you should use to adjust the frequency spectra of Hulda Clark and Raymond Rife: duration, offset yes/no, wobble, microcurrents on/off, impulse discharge, constant current regulation.

With frequency generators you can treat all kinds of health problems using electric waves, thanks to a variety of programs such as Diamond Shield for your well-being.

  You see two frequency chipcards

Precise treatment with frequency chipcards

The chipcards for Diamond Shield differ according to symptoms, indications or pathogens. For example, you can treat 

  •   lyme desease
  •   diabetes
  •   candida
  •   weight loss
  •   Epstein Barr virus
  •   arthritis
  •   acne

The system is sophisticated: You can choose exactly those that suit you best, from the huge selection of 120 chipcards.

Each chipcard has stored a set of specific bioenergetic frequencies, identified by therapists Dr. Clark, Royal Rife, Alan Baklayan and other researchers. This results in a multitude of treatment possibilities, as described in the e-books Frequency therapy and Gentle therapy with frequency technology.

The chipcard is simply inserted into the zapper. The frequencies stored on it then run automatically one after the other - in the pre-programmed time. Each chipcard has its own duration and number of frequencies.

You can also skip or repeat frequencies - depending on what you need at the moment.


Special offer for our customers: With the purchase of a Diamond Shield Zapper you will receive a chipcard of your choice for free - selectable when ordering in the shop.

Benefit from 80 years of experience with frequency therapy

With the chipcards you can use all frequencies by:

  •   Dr. Hulda Clark
  •   Dr. Raymond Rife
  •   Naturopath Alan Baklayan, who runs a healing practice in Munich. He does a lot of research, gives seminars and publishes his results in books.
  •   Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann
  •   Dr. Robert Beck, who developed the so called blood zapper, with 3.92Hz. This frequency is part of the Rife machine Diamond Shield.
  •   Peter Schmalzl, a very experienced frequency therapist who participated in the development of the BW21 zapper and also created a number of frequency chipcards.
  •   Plus frequencies used in medical devices and bioresonance therapy

Five examples of frequency chipcards

Name of the chipcardChipcard abbreviationContent of the chipcardsAdditionally recommended chipcardsDuration in minutes
Bladder/prostate BP 76 pathogen/parasite frequencies by Clark and Rife EN, LU, PAI 64:00
Bio-regeneration BR contains Ascaris, Trichomonads, Fasciolopsis buski, Clostridia, Candida, moulds DTX, BiBlo 49:00
Detoxification DTX biofrequencies by Baklayan for intestines, kidneys, lymphatic system and liver none 52:00
Bones/joints KNO 31 Fq for pelvis, bone marrow, joints, etc. ZÄ1, BAK, ARF, PAI 58:00
Teeth 1 ZÄ1 Fq by Dr. Clark against bacteria such as staphylococci, streptococci, clostridia, Escherichia coli, Helicobacter, Corynebact, Gardnerella, Lactobacillus, Shigella, etc. ZÄ2, LU, PAI 57:00

Acupuncture without needles

You see an acupuncture doll with many meridians painted on it

The effect of the Rife machine Diamond Shield is often compared to acupuncture. With one major difference: DS works without needles. Instead, they use biologically relevant waves. These waves

  •   influence pathogens
  •   harmonize the organic system
  •   regulate the meridians

Ancient medicine implemented in a modern way

Every living being emits vibrations and thus generates its own bio-radiation. This applies not only to humans and animals, but also to pathogens such as viruses, bacteria, parasites and fungi. And that's what makes them vulnerable. The two scientists, Dr. Raymond R. and Dr. Hulda Clark, have significantly discovered this and made it usable therapeutically.

Dr. Clark's second great achievement was to associate modern civilization diseases with parasite infestation. We strongly recommend reading her standard book The cure for all deseases. In it she describes how she came to her findings and what this means for our lifestyle. With the zapper, Dr. Clark has given mankind a tool to easily maintain it own health.

The effectiveness of the multifrequency zapper can often be increased by taking colloidal minerals.

Waves draw circles on orange water

The power of frequencies

Frequencies are effective, because they work through resonance: The current penetrates into the body and triggers a reaction. Now this reaction is not the same for everyone, such as the noise of a Harley Davidson motorbike (= frequency) is pure joy for some, while hurting others. Or a string quartet by Mozart - it is soul food for some, and others are annoyed by it. So we conclude: everyone needs the frequencies that are good for him/her.

Our heart, for example, normally beats at rest at 50 to 100 beats per minute. During exertion, the heart rate increases, leading to a vivification of the body. This is just one example of the decisive influence that frequencies have on the physical balance. Researchers have translated this correlation into specific frequency programs, making it medically usable.

FAQ about Rife machine Diamond Shield

Here you find general questions and answers about Diamond Shield Rife machines. Specific questions about individual DS devices are answered on the corresponding article pages. General questions and answers about zapping can be found on the page Parasite zapper.

My chipcard does not work

The reason may be

  •   that the chipcard is slightly bent. In this case, carefully bend it until it is straight.
  •   that the wrong chip card was delivered to you. Please check if the chipcard says "Diamond Shield" on it.
  •   that the chipcard reader of the Zapper is defective. In this case, please send us an email.
  •   that the chipcard is defective. In this case we will exchange it, free of charge.

What does the message "No contact" mean?

Diamond Shield Rife machines always perform a contact check at the beginning of a program to ensure that the circuit is closed and the zapping is working. When you start a frequency program and the message "No contact" appears – even though the cable is correctly connected - then in most cases the problem is with the cables. You should order new ones (there’s no warranty on accessories).

Attention: If you "continue" with the OK button, you skip the contact check - by force, so to speak. In this case no therapy takes place. This possibility of skipping the contact check was set up for special applications such as the zappicator program.

Note: Continuous measurement of the contact during application is only technically possible at frequencies up to approx. 50 kHz, but not at higher frequencies.

Does the earthing work even when the device is switched off?

Yes, you can also earth yourself via the earthing cable with the Zapper switched off.

How can I check the battery level?

It is indicated by the flashing LED. Smooth flashing - everything is OK, fast flashing - low charge level. The device remains fully functional until the power storage is completely empty.  

How can I improve the contrast in the display?

In the SETTINGS menu, the second item is CONTRAST. The optimum value is 10.

How can I run an entire sequence?

If you select a program, e.g. "Feel good", immediately press the START button, not the OK button. Then the program runs completely automatically.

The OK button takes you to the submenu where you can see the 8 frequencies of the feel-good program (Wf 1-8). Here you can select single frequencies from the program and activate them with START.

When I switch on, the message "wrong firmware" appears.

This message appears if you stay too long on the POWER button. Please switch on the device by briefly pressing the POWER button. The Zapper can be switched off by pressing and holding the POWER button for a little longer (approx. 1 second).

In addition, this error may occur if you press any key during the start-up.

The zapping tingles unpleasantly or stings on the skin

If the preset current voltage is uncomfortable for you, reduce it during use. Press repeatedly or hold the minus button. You can also increase the intensity – by pressing the plus button. This is recommended for frequency programs that are directed against certain pathogens.

The regulation of the current voltage only works if you have switched off the "Constant current" option in the SETTING menu ("Cons current: no"). In this case, only the voltage is displayed during therapy.

If you switch on the "Constant current" option in the SETTING menu, the current voltage is displayed in volts (left) and the amperage in milliamperes (right). In this case you cannot change the intensity during the therapy. The device works with the preset values.

What is „offset“, and when to set which offset?

The zapper works with square waves. With "Offset off" this is in the minus and plus range, i.e. below and above the zero voltage line. This setting is recommended for Rife frequencies.

With Offset POS, the square wave begins exactly on the zero line, i.e. it is only in the positive range. With Offset POS+, the square wave is even slightly shifted upwards (0.25 Volt). Dr. Clark recommended this because she wanted to ensure that no negative voltage is in the square wave. This setting is recommended for all Clark frequencies.

If you use positive offset, it is best to always use POS+.

The socket tester glows red-red-black instead of black-red-red. Is that all right?

Yes, if the first two lights are on and the third is not (red-red-black), it means that the two conductors (phase and neutral) are reversed. This is irrelevant for earthing - so everything is fine like this. 

Do the cables fit all accessories?

Yes, due to the different push button adapters the cable is suitable for all accessories for Rife machine Diamond Shield or accessories for BW Zappers as well as for all zappicator products.

Can I also perform TENS therapy with Diamond Shield?

Yes, with the chipcard TENS. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) is a recognized therapeutic application for pain that is applied to the skin with adhesive electrodes. There are small electrodes for the head and large electrodes for the body.

The push-button connection between the bracelets and cables is loose and easy to release

The push-button connection should not be too tight, otherwise the cable would be damaged if you get stuck anywhere. You better zap during a quiet activity.

Should one also run the Crystal program with earthing?

No, this program is the exception: the Crystal program is always run without earthing cable.

Is it possible to use all chip cards with any Diamond Shield Rife machine?

Yes, you can use all DS chip cards with any DS device. Also those created with the software Chipcard Creator or with the Diamond Shield professional.

Please note: chipcards for Biowave Zappers are not compatible.

Where can I find the Rife machine manuals?

Here you can find the manuals as PDF files:

What are microcurrents?

In connection with zappers, microcurrents are voltages below 1 Volt, down to 0.1 Volt. Zapping with microcurrents is useful for certain frequency programs. A detailed explanation can be found in our encyclopedia page Microcurrents.

How can I change the length of the metal wrist cuffs?

Raise the blue shutter on the side where it says "open". Then shorten or lengthen the strap and close the blue shutter again. The range is about 4 cm. The wrist cuffs should fit tightly, in order to provide enough skin contact. 

Do the wrist cuffs have to fit tightly?

Yes, so that there is sufficient skin contact. The metal cuffs can be adjusted by firmly opening the blue flap on the side where OPEN is located. Then move the strap and close the flap again.