Parasite zapper

Feel strengthened, pure, energetic. Thanks to the parasite zapper. The application possibilities are almost unlimited. The zappers and frequency generators are suitable for self-treatment at home and for use in therapeutic practice. They can be used in a variety of ways and are easy to operate.

The parasite zappers Diamond Shield offer the best and latest in frequency therapy. These multifrequency zappers have already stored numerous useful frequency programs and can additionally read nearly 100 different frequency chipcards. With the 3x7 minute program by Dr. Hulda Clark, the Zapper K100 offers an inexpensive basic supply.

Zappicator AG-1

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How you best use the parasite zapper

Woman sitting in garden doing frequency therapy with the parasite zapper

Frequency therapy is a gentle, proven method of regulating, harmonizing and activating. It is based on the principle of bioresonance: Specific frequencies trigger certain reactions in the body. And they resonate with the micro-organisms present in the organism, i.e. parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungi, etc.

Thus, this therapy offers a very wide spectrum of application possibilities for health and well-being. It has been successfully practiced since the 20s of the last century.

Alternativ Gesund offers you many possibilities:

These frequency devices are just as suitable for treatment at home as for professional use in the therapeutic practice.

Legal notice: We are not allowed to write about healing effects here. The zapper does not replace therapeutic consultation.

What is the difference between parasite zapper, frequency generator and syncrometer?

The first two emit a weak current and are used for treatment. They are purely therapeutic devices. The Syncrometer, on the other hand, was created by Hulda Regehr Clark for testing, i.e. for diagnostic purposes. The application is quite difficult, therefore most of our customers test with tensors.

While frequency generators allow you to program frequencies freely and save your own programs, parasite zappers work with predefined frequency programs. Dr. Clark invented the 3x7 minute program with a fixed frequency of approx. 30 kHz. This was the first zapper. Since then it has been extensively further developed. 

The Rife machine Diamond Shield offers many more possibilities

You see the handy parasite zapper Diamond Shield Crystal

  •  A number of frequency programs are already pre-stored (including Dr. Clark's 3x7-minute program and "Wellbeing").
  •  You can use numerous frequency programs stored on chipcards. This option is most popular because every customer can choose from a wide range of chip cards according to their individual problem.

If you think about the resonance phenomenon, you understand the following: It is more efficient to use specific frequencies. These have been researched and tested many times. The Diamond Shield devices can generate all pathogen frequencies of Dr. Hulda Clark - as well as those of Dr. Raymond Royal Rife, Dr. Robert Beck, HP Alan Baklayan, Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann, Peter Schmalzl and other frequency therapists.

They have found out: Our organism contains a high number of parasites, bacteria and viruses. Each of them has its own vibration, which can be controlled by the corresponding resonance frequency.

The frequency generators are the best

The frequency generator Diamond Shield professional combines all features: It reads chipcards and allows free programming and saving of self-created frequency sequences. Learn more on the page frequency generators.

Advantages of the modern multi-frequency zapper

Due to the chipcard technology they are "half frequency generators", because they are able to generate all frequencies between 0.1 Hz and 2.5 Mhz (= 2.5 million Hertz). 

Versatile in use, easy to work with

The great thing about the Diamond Shield devices is that they can do a lot and yet are handy and easy to use. You can do other things while zapping. The zapper can be attached to the belt and connected using electrodes.

A further advantage of the Diamond Shield devices is that the output voltage can be regulated. This allows you to regulate the current according to your individual current sensitivity. 

Infinite possibilities with chipcards

Due to the large selection of frequency chipcards, everyone will find the frequency programs they need. Any frequency between 1 Hz and 2.5 MHz can be stored on chipcard, the frequencies are played back automatically.

These are aimed at parasites, bacteria, viruses and fungi. An example: The chip "Four large flukes" contains the intestinal fluke, liver fluke and pancreatic fluke. The eBook Frequency therapy by Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann describes different complaints.

Over the years, more and more useful basic programs have been integrated into the devices. So when you buy a zapper, you benefit from years of experience and research for your health.

What parasite zappers are there?

The BW21 zappers were among the first multi-zappers. Since 2013 the Diamond Shield Zapper has been available, representing the latest state of research. A lot of new knowledge has been incorporated, e.g. that you can earth yourself with it. These devices enable micro currents, constant current control and can wobble.

On the basis of his research, Baklayan developed the Diamond Shield technology in his healing practice. His chipcards are also equipped with these functions.

By the way, the chipcards of the zapper families Diamond Shield and Biowave are not compatible with each other. 

What are biofrequencies?

Mobile phone mast radiates frequencies

Frequencies are everwhere around us:

  •   radio
  •   television
  •   mobile phones
  •   and many other technical waves

But in biology, too, there are many uniform oscillations: from the day-night rhythm to the heartbeat to the finest oscillations that control our bio-chemical-electrical processes.

And there are the natural oscillations of all the "tiny animals", i.e. microorganisms that can be present in the organism. They emit measurable biological radiation. We can therefore speak of bio-frequencies here.

What does the zapper current look like?

As mentioned before, Dr. Hulda Clark's zapper program runs at about 30 kHz. The peculiarity: the signal is a square wave signal. 

It is shifted into the positive (electric) range, i.e. between 0 and 9V. This means that the device switches on and off 30,000 times per second. In technical terms this is called "pulsating direct current". 

Dr. Clark, who even released the zapper for DIY and published construction plans, demanded that a so-called positive offset exists. That the wave below must not touch the zero line (that would be OFF), but must start at 0.25V above the zero line.

An oscilloscope shows the rectangular wave of the parasite zapper by Hulda Clark

Why square wave?

The zappers work with it because it has proven itself. And because the square wave contains the sine wave AND all its harmonics. This makes zapping even more efficient.

Harmonic waves are higher oscillations that "inaudibly" resonate with a fundamental frequency. For example, they make up the characteristic sound of an instrument. Because of them we can distinguish the A played by a violin from the same A of a trumpet. You may have heard about overtone singing. Here the overtone registers are made audible by small mouth-space changes.

Table about Hertz

Frequency rangeHzKilo HzMega Hz
Abbreviation Hz kHz MHz
Example 1.000 1 0,001
Clark 3x7 Minuten 30.000 30 0,03
Borrelia burgdorferi (Clark) 380.000 380 0,38
Frequent therapy frequency 727 0,727 0,000727
Lower limit zapper 0,1 0,0001 0,0000001
Upper limit zapper 2.000.000 2.000 2

The three values in each line correspond to each other, so they are the same frequency. Now you can see how large the spectrum of this multi-frequency zapper is: all frequencies from 0.1 Hz to 2.5 MHz can be generated.

The history of the parasite zapper

After Dr. Royal Rife introduced frequency therapy at the beginning of the 20th century, Dr. Hulda Clark continued it at the end of the century. She discovered the specific oscillations of numerous pathogens.

Both researchers discovered different frequency spectra: Rife-frequencies are in the Hertz range (20-10,000 Hz), Clark frequencies are in the Kilohertz range (approx. 300-500 kHz). Both frequency ranges are effective and are used today. The frequency of 3.92 Hz was discovered for health by Dr. Robert Beck.

Rife took the first step

The doctor and inventor is regarded as the scientific father of therapy with vibrations. In the first half of the 20th century, he was confronted with clinical pictures to which established medicine could not respond. He refused to be satisfied with this. So he researched, conceived and developed a totally new technology.

Using a micoscope with up to 30,000x magnification, he was able to see a living virus for the first time. And he found out that many diseases not yet classified as viral were caused by viruses.

Curious what else he found out? You can read that in his short biography.


Photo of Hulda Clark

The research results of Dr Hulda Clark

In her books and videos, the biologist described that many diseases are associated with parasite infestation. In an ingenious way, she determined the natural frequencies of numerous pathogens:

  •   worms (leeches)
  •   bakteria
  •   viruses
  •   fungi

If you know their natural frequencies, you can also treat them specifically. And that with the zapper and through sensible food supplements. You can find out more on the page of Dr. Hulda Clark and in her book The cure for all deseases.

The research of Alan Baklayan

Naturopath Baklayan extended the findings of Hulda Regehr Clark. He is continuously researching and has found many new frequencies in close cooperation with a group of therapists. Out of these, advanced frequency programs were designed.

The new generation of Rife machinies Diamond Shield with six technical innovations also originates from this research circle. The latest findings in informational medicine have been combined in one device. The naturopathic practice with alternative medicine can benefit from this just as much as patients who want to get their body in order.

The books of practitioner Alan Baklayan strike the right balance between medical information and general comprehensibility.

Infestation with parasites Fasciolopsis buskii
Environmental toxin exposure solvents
Chronic deseases inflammations
Avoid re-infections cosmetics

About parasites

Parasites have very complex life cycles. They successively infect different hosts (animals and humans) to complete their cycles and reproduce.

Manfred Milinski from the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology and his team are investigating these life cycles of parasites, e.g. fish tapeworms. 

This has no direct relation to Clark therapy, but it shows how sophisticated parasites are in order to secure their existence in the body of hosts.

New developments

Since 2000, parasite zappers have been available that could play the 3x7 minute program as well as specific pathogen frequencies, such as the Diamond Shield. This is much more effective because the "beam" is directed exactly to the target. The 3x7-program is more like the wide jet of a watering can, that irrigates a wide area.

The selection of the frequencies was based on the huge treasure trove of   

  •                   Dr. Hulda Clark     
  •                   Dr. Raymond Rife       
  •                   Dr. Robert Beck (blood zapper)    

and combined it to form meaningful and effective programs. 

These frequency programs were stored on chipcards: in a certain order and with a specific duration. The zappers could read these chipcards and output the frequencies. Thus the multifrequency zapper was born.

Younger therapists like HP Baklayan built on it and discovered new frequencies through testing. Dr. Beck equipped his "blood zapper" with 3.92Hz. And in addition there are the chipcards of Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann, Peter Schmalzl and other researchers. 

FAQ about the parasite zapper

Is it better to use hand electrodes or wrist straps?

Wrist straps are more comfortable because you don't have to hold them. You can work on the computer, read or watch TV while zapping.

Some users get a rash from the wet wrist cuffs. Dry wrist cuffs, hand electrodes or electric contact slippers are alternatives.

If a device is used by different people, the hand electrodes are more suitable for hygienic reasons, or several pairs of wrist cuffs.

Does a higher voltage (Volt) increase the intensity of the treatment?

For pathogen frequencies, set the electrical output voltage or current as high as possible. This means that you increase until you feel the current and then go down 1-2 volts again. If you tolerate it well, you can also treat with the maximum of 15 V. But please be careful and don't exaggerate - otherwise burns may occur!

On the other hand, supporting frequencies should be zapped as low as possible, with 1 V or less. Examples are the frequency chipcards Detox (DTX), Bioenergetic Blockades (BiBlo) and Post-Traumatic Healing (PTH). 

Many chips contain both pathogen-oriented and supporting frequencies. Those from Hulda Clark are all pathogen-oriented. With Rife frequencies there are such and such. Here you can choose the right output voltage or current for your well-being..

Why do you sometimes not feel the zapper current at all and sometimes strongly?

Low frequencies are generally more noticeable than high frequencies. Experience shows that. For example, you can feel 20Hz more strongly than 5,000Hz - at the same output voltage. This is due to the phenomenon of electrophoresis, i.e. the ability of the current to penetrate the tissue. This is different in every frequency range.

Why is the battery of the zapper empty sooner in some frequency programs than in others?

Because high frequencies consume more power than low frequencies. Some programs contain more high frequencies, others more low frequencies. We recommend using rechargeable batteries instead of batteries. That alone is a good idea when it comes to environmental protection. 

How can I zap specific parts of my body?

Contact bands in different lengths for local application can be attached to all parts of the body - depending on the symptoms. As a general rule, the electric current always flows from one electrode to the other. Here are three examples:

If you want to specifically treat the lower abdomen, it is best to attach two thigh ligaments. If the vibrations are to flow through the chest, an abdominal strap and a collar are used. The majority of the body is reached by zapping crosswise: left ankle and right wrist, and the other way round during the next treatment..

The adhesive electrodes are used for local TENS treatment on the whole body. They can also be used for other frequency programs to bring the fine current to certain parts of the body. 

Plate zapping is a very efficient method of zapping. You use a device and one or more resonance plates. Due to its complexity and strong effect, this method should be performed by people with a therapeutic background (ability to test, knowledge of detoxification symptoms, etc.).

Why is taking the parasite cleanse so important?

You see a brown bottle and a bundle of herbs against a blue background

Because, according to Clark, the electrical energy of the zapper does not reach all parts of the body, e.g. the innermost part of the intestine. Hulda Clark has recommended the 3 parasite herbs black walnut, wormwood and cloves especially for parasites in the intestine. 

Dr. Clark suggested to stimulate the excretory organs liver, kidney, intestine and lymph with the LINK herbal tinctures first in case of suboptimal function of the excretory organs and thus to prepare them for parasite cleansing. Only then should the parasite treatment be carried out. The following herbal tinctures are available:

  •   Juglandis parasite herbs
  •   Kidney herbs
  •   Liver herbs
  •   Lymph herbs

How do I know which pathogens I have?

First of all, the nature of the complaints can be an indication. In order to find out more, you must either be able to test yourself or have yourself tested. Different bioenergetic test methods are suitable, e.g. synchrometer, EAV (Electro-Acupuncture according to Dr. Voll), tensors, VEGA-test, kinesiology, RAC (auriculo-cardiac reflex testing), etc. Information medicine works with signals that can often only be acquired with these test methods.

The synchrometer was developed by Dr. Clark. Her books describe the functionality, the practical use and even a construction plan to build yourself. But the operation is not easy and should be learned in a workshop or training course.

How can I avoid reinfection with pathogens and environmental toxins?

First, Dr. Clark recommends treating all family members, including pets, with the parasite cleanse and then doing the so-called maintenance program. The parasite cleansing consists of zapping and taking parasite herbs.

Second, she invented the zappicator, the food zapper. It can be used to treat food, water, cosmetics, toys and other things.

Is it possible to operate the zapper with a 220V power supply?

The electrical application of the zapper should not be operated on the power grid, because then all interference frequencies from the grid (e.g. 50Hz) would flow into the therapeutic current.