Parasite cleanse by Dr Hulda Clark

It is now generally accepted: parasites and their toxins can be responsible for many, even severe symptoms. Parasites usually nest undetected in their hosts and are difficult to be detected. Therefore, it is advisable to take the parasite cleanse as a preventive measure even if no complaints or symptoms are yet noticeable.

According to Dr Hulda Clark, the parasite cleanse should be carried out regularly. On humans and animals, because both live together and can "infect" each other. The complete parasite cleanse consists of frequency therapy with the parasite zapper and taking the three remedies black walnut (Juglandis), cloves and wormwood.

We offer these plant extracts as herbal tinctures and in capsules. There is also a set of all three parasite capsules. Learn more about the application and intake below and in the book "The cure for all deseases" by Hulda Clark.

Ozonated olive oil

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Parasitenkur Kapseln Set

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Natural parasite treatment

With the para cleanse you can do your body and your immune system a lot of good.

We offer the full range of parasite remedies and their supporting companions. All products contain only natural ingredients and are free of any additives.

Herbal tincture 3 in 1

Frisches Wermutkraut vor weissem Hintergrund

The herbal parasite tincture conveniantly contains  all three parasiticides by Hulda Clark:

  •   walnut
  •   wormwood 
  •   cloves

Thus you can easily take them together and save time. That's good because what is easy to do, you do every day. Therapists recommend this tincture for parasite infestation, colon cleanse and good digestion.

Contains only natural ingredients. The tincture is mixed with alcohol for preservation (approx. 11%). You mix it with water by the spoonful and then drink it slowly. A trick to minimize the alcohol content: mix the herbal tincture with hot water and wait a moment for the alcohol to evaporate.

Zeichnung einer Schwarzwalnuss mit grünen Schalen

Black walnut tincture

According to Dr. Clark, the black walnut tincture is most effective against parasites. We offer a a highly concentrated extract from the green hull of the black walnut. You also just mix ist with water and drink it.

The black walnut (lat. "juglans negra") is a tree that only grows in North America. Hulda Clark, who lived in the USA, especially recommended this plant against parasites. 

Gewürznelken vor weissem Hintergrund

Parasite cleanse in capsules

The black walnut capsules, cloves capsules and wormwood capsules are for those who want to and should avoid the alcohol in tinctures:

  •   Kids
  •   Sober alcoholics and other people who want to avoid alcohol
  •   Pets: simply open the capsules and add the powder to your pet's food. They contain pure plant powder.

The 3 remedies are also available as a LINK practical set and at a special price.

Arginine and Ornithine

The amino acids LINK L-Arginine and LINK L-Ornithine are recommended by Hulda Clark to accompany the parasite cleanse, because they can alleviate possible symptoms of detoxification. 

L-Arginine is considered to promote blood circulation and provide energy to the muscles. Dr Clark recommends it if you feel tired during the parasite cleanse. Best taken in the morning.

L-Ornithine is involved in urea production and supports the release of the growth hormone. Therapists recommend taking it in the evening to sleep better. This is especially true during a detoxification or parasite cleanse, because killed parasites produce, among other things, ammonia that stresses the liver according to Clark. The reason: The liver has to break down the ammonia into urea. L-Arginine and L-Ornithine therefore accelerate the excretion of ammonia from the body.

Ozonated olive oil

This is also a classic parasiticide. It helps against intestinal parasites and intestinal fungus (Candida) as well as against bacteria and viruses. Ozonated olive oil can also be used externally, e.g. for fungi on the skin, all kinds of skin diseases and as an intense anti-wrinkle therapy.

Man sieht neun verschiedene Egel

Hulda Clark parasite cleanse more effective with zapper

The parasite cleanse is only complete if you take the parasite herbs and use frequencies with the parasite zapper. The Clark zapper offers the 3x7-minute program by Hulda Clark. This runs in such a way that three phases of 7 minutes each are interrupted for 20 minutes each.

With a Rife machine Diamond Shield you can even increase this effect by using specific frequency chipcards: "The 4 big flukes" and "Immune to parasites".

Symptoms of parasite infestation

Iin her books, Hulda Clark describes which diseases can be caused by parasite infestation. We are not allowed to write this here (for legal reasons), but there is a whole range of typical symptoms:

  •   flatulence
  •   poor digestion
  •   abdominal pain
  •   diarrhoea and weight loss due to tapeworms
  •   itchy anus caused by pinworms
  •   fever and nausea caused by roundworms
  •   muscle pain caused by trichinae (threadworms)

These symptoms can of course also have other causes.

My medical doctor doesn't find any parasites. Why?

The problem is that most parasites are not found during a normal stool examination. Therefore, despite the symptoms there is no clinical result.

Parasite cleanse for adults, kids and pets

Dr. Clark recommended that the parasite treatment should be done with all family members, including pets. The reason: humans and animals can infect each other with parasites. This is how they get from people to animals and vice versa. Fleas, for example, can spread tapeworm larvae.

You can give the parasite treatment to your pet LINK in capsules: simply open the capsules and mix the powder with the pet's food. You should carry out this treatment twice a year.

Zapping is also possible with pets: two electroconductive cuffs are attached to the animal's fetters. These should be well wet, just like the cuffs - then the current flows well. Connect the  to the animal's left hind leg and right front leg. This way the current flows through the whole body. For the next application, use the right hind leg and the left front leg.


Taking the parasite cleanse




Once a day
before a meal

once a day
before a meal
three times a day
before a meal
1 1 teaspoon 1 1, 1, 1
2 1 ts 1 2, 2, 2
3 1 ts 2 3, 3, 3
4 2 ts 2 3, 3, 3
5 2 ts 3 3, 3, 3
6 2 ts 3 3, 3, 3

As of now
once a week
2 teaspoons

4 3, 3, 3
8   4 3, 3, 3
9   5 3, 3, 3
10   5 3, 3, 3
11   6


12   6

As of now
once a week

13 2 teaspoons 7  
14   7  
15   7  
16   7  

As of now
once a week

18     3

Once you have completed this parasite program, all you need to do is follow the maintenance program: zapping a week (with the 3x7 minute program) and take the three remedies once a week as indicated on the schedule.

By the way, when taking the black walnut capsules: 1 teaspoon of black walnut tincture corresponds to 2 capsules.

Bunte Grafik von Trichonomaden

Parasites - mutable pathogens

Many think that parasites only occur in tropical countries of the 3rd world. But they are also very common here. And they are spreading more and more - not least because of increasing long-distance travel and the import of tropical fruits. According to the WHO, parasites are among the 6 most harmful types of human infection.

Up to 300 different parasites can nestle in the human body, for example in the intestines or liver. They feed on our host cells or our blood and excrete parasite toxins that put additional stress on our body.

Dr.Clark writes that parasites do not harm their host as long as they stay where they belong. But when environmental toxins such as benzene, arsenic or formaldehyde come into play - then certain parasites migrate to organs where they do not belong. They cause damage there, weaken the immune system and cause a host of unpleasant symptoms.

Flatulence, for example, is often due to parasite infestation in the intestines. Poor digestion also often depends on intestinal parasites.

To avoid this, you can do the parasite cleanse and also a LINK colon cleanse. It takes a lot of energy for the body to eliminate the toxins of the intestinal parasites. By a liver cleanse you can support your liver in its work. 

Parasite species

There are extremely many different types of parasites. They are divided into unicellular organisms (e.g. trichomonads or plasmodia) and worms:

  •   roundworms, also known as threadworms (nematodes), about 20,000 species. Size 1mm to 1m.
  •   this also includes the hookworms (Strongyloides, Ancylostoma) and
  •   roundworms like Ascaris lumbricoides
  •   flatworms such as tapeworms and flukes, about 6,000 species

In Germany, the most common parasites are tapeworms, pinworms, ascarids and trichinae. They use humans and animals as hosts and have adapted perfectly to them. Many do not exist in one host only, but infest several hosts in the course of their development. The dog tapeworm Dirofilaria, for example, can be transmitted from dogs to humans and infect their hearts.

Ein silberner Egel vor schwarzem Hintergrund

Different stages

Parasites go through several stages of development. They change hosts depending on the environment that needs the current stage. Here are some examples:

The eggs of the roundworm Ascaris are eaten by dogs and cats through contaminated food. Humans ingest them through contact with their pets. A larva hatches from the eggs, migrates into the lungs and continues to develop. Finally, the parasite migrates to the intestines, where it reaches the adult stage. It reproduces in the intestine and produces new eggs. These can then be detected in the stool.

The human body encapsulates tapeworm larvae with its own tissue (cyst) so that they are not fought by the immune system. We also absorb such cysts by eating meat. The large intestinal fluke Fasciolopsis buskii is described by Dr. Clark as one of the worst parasites. It goes through 6 stages in different environments in the body.

You can find much more information in Hulda Clark's book "The cure for all deseases" and e.g. in the Wikipedia article Parasitism

Regular detoxification is important for the body and its immune system. And this also includes the detoxification of intestinal parasites. According to Dr Clark, the zapper current does not penetrate the intestines, only the herbs for intestinal cleansing help. 

Nutrition is also important. By eating the right food and avoiding environmental toxins, people can avoid many diseases and maintain good health.