Preview: Two grayish sleeves with connected cables red and black
Preview: Two grayish sleeves with connected cables red and black
Two grayish sleeves with connected cables red and black
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Pair of silver fiber wrist cuffs

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Product information "Pair of silver fiber wrist cuffs"

These wrist electrodes have a particularly high conductivity (≤ 20 Ohm) due to silver fibers. And this without any humidification.

They are suitable for frequency therapy applications with the zapper or other frequency devices. With 10mm push-button connection.

Dimensions (spread flat): Approx. 9x11 cm. The wristbands are comfortable to wear because they are soft and breathable. Due to their elasticity, they fit all wrist sizes. 

Material properties 

The wrist cuffs are 100% silver fiber based on nylon substrate. This silver fiber combines the advantages of silver and nylon: silver conducts electricity very well and has an antibacterial effect. Nylon makes the cuffs extremely hard-wearing and durable. 

70% nylon, 25% silver fiber, 5% elastic thread

Care instructions

Please wash the silver fiber products by hand, at 0 to 30°. They can be cleaned with detergents without acids and alkalis. Do not use other detergents.

To avoid the oxidation of the silver, please avoid direct sunlight on the wrist cuffs. 

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