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Ozonated Olive Oil

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Product information "Ozonated Olive Oil"

The effect of Ozonated Olive Oil is described in our book "Colloidal Minerals and trace elements". It was thoroughly revised in 2023 and has 142 pages. You can download it directly here: Ebook-on-Colloidal-minerals-5th-edition

The content of the light-protecting blue glass bottle Ozonated olive oil is 100 or 200 ml. You can choose the quantity above below the price.

This ozonated olive oil contains only ozone and virgin olive oil. It is produced with an innovative process of ozonization which binds the ozone firmly in the oil. Thereby our ozonated olive oil is 18 months durable (closed) and approx. 7 months after opening. Please screw up the ozonated olive oil immediately after use and store it as cool as possible, but not in the fridge.

Please click on the green button to learn more about our colloidal minerals. How ozonated olive oil works can be read in our free ebook on colloidal minerals. 


Properties of ozone

Metallic glittering molecules with three atoms float in space

Ozone (O3) is the energy-rich form of oxygen (O2). While this consists of only two oxygen atoms, the ozone molecule has a third oxygen atom. This makes it extremely binding and it reacts with numerous substances.


  •   has a disinfecting effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi
  •   inhibits inflammations
  •   stimulates the immune system
  •   increases the oxygen supply in the tissue
  •   improves blood flow

The only way that ozone can harm humans is through the airways it irritates. That is why there is sometimes an "ozone alarm" in the summer when the limit values are exceeded in the cities.

How does this work?

Ozone triggers oxidation, i.e. the connection of oxygen atoms with other molecules. By coupling to pollutants, it neutralizes them and splits them into harmless substances. Formaldehyde, for example, is broken down by ozone into water, carbon dioxide and oxygen.

When humans ingest ozonated olive oil, ozone is released into the body and can defang harmful substances and pathogens. The same happens by external application of the ozonated olive oil on the skin.

Since the effects of ozone have been known for so long, there have been countless studies on its antimicrobial properties.

You can see the sun, space and the ozone layer around the earth

Where else does ozone occur?

The ozone in the earth's atmosphere protects the planet, e.g. from lethal UV-C light. When the ozone hole was discovered in the 1980s, mothers no longer sent their children outside.

Because of its strong disinfecting effect, ozone is also used in drinking water treatment and for the disinfection of swimming pools.

Furthermore, ozone is used by nature as a cleaning agent. We know this e.g. after a lightning strike which produces ozone - the freshness in the air afterwards is smellable.

The positive properties of ozone for the organism have been known for a long time. This is why ozone therapy is one of the classic natural healing methods: blood is taken from the veins, mixed with an oxygen-ozone mixture and then injected back into the body.

The history of ozone oil

The physicist C.F. Schönbein discovered a gas already in the middle of the 19th century, which he called "ozone" because of its strict smell (Greek ozein = I smell). Later Werner von Siemens succeeded in producing this gas electrically.

And the genius of the century, Nikola Tesla, began to ozonize oil. He produced ozonated olive oil as early as 1900 and delivered his "Glycozon" to medical doctors.

New production process for ozonated olive oil

Pure ozone (O3) is unstable. Within a few days it decomposes into biatomic oxygen (O2hoch2). Therefore it is difficult to preserve and make available for a longer period of time.

Most ozone oils do not meet this requirement because they are cheaply made: the ozone is simply pressed into the oil and then bottled. After opening such bottles a few times, there is almost no ozone left in the oil, only oxygen. So the quality of the product depends on the way of ozonization.

Dr. Hulda Clark recommended producing ozonated olive oil yourself with an ozonator. But even here the shelf life is very short because the ozone evaporates rapidly.

In relation to oxygen, ozone has an effective factor of over 2000. It is therefore important not only to ozonize a carrier medium such as high-quality native oil, but also to integrate ozone into the structure of the oil and thus make it durable.

Our "Ionic ozone oil" integrates ozone into oil without dissolving it  - and so makes it durable for many months. This new manufacturing process is the big difference to conventional ozone oil. Only through thorough ozonisation you get high quality ozonated olive oil.

In our "ionic ozone oil", the glycerine molecule of the oil is stimulated to stretch. Then ozone is introduced and the glycerine contracts again. This process is repeated continuously for several days until the glycerine molecule is saturated. This form of production guarantees that you have genuine ozonated olive oil and not just oxygen-enriched oil.

Use of ozonated olive oil


When you apply ozonated olive oil to the skin, ozone is released to the skin layers and underlying tissues for hours. There it reduces bacteria and viruses and supplies the tissue with oxygen. You can use this effect for your skin care and skin metabolism.

Ozone reactions produce new substances such as peroxides, ozonides and pelargonic acid. Due to the low surface tension of the ozonated olive oil, they can penetrate deep into the skin layers and bring the active oxygen into the epidermis and connective tissue. The better oxygen supply serves the cells and counteracts a slagging of the tissue. The fatty acids of the skin can be ozonized with active oxygen.

Molecules with 3 arms float through the room and one hand takes oil from a bottle with a pipette

There are the following areas of application for ozonated olive oil:

  •   all types of skin diseases and skin irritations
  •   external fungal infestation - foot, nail, genital, vaginal fungus
  •   acne
  •   neurodermatitis and psoriasis - first spray with colloidal silver. When this has dried, rub with ozone oil.
  •   open wounds - ulcer, cut wounds, surgical scars
  •   the skin is tightened - reduces age spots and wrinkles
  •   cellulite - the connective tissue is tightened
  •   erection-promoting - e.g. for circulatory disorders (rubbing on pelvic floor)
  •   vitality-enhancing - because of oxygen uptake via tissue
  •   for oral hygiene - tongue coating, caries, periodontosis
  •   age care - e.g. for sore patients
  •   for joint and back pain - ozonized olive oil several times a day large-area massage in

Apropos healing oils: our colloidal oils have different effects on the skin. Magnesium oil e.g. relaxes the muscles.

Temporary skin irritations

The strong partial oxygen supply of the skin and the underlying tissue sometimes leads to optical initial reactions, which are painless. This is either an initial worsening of the ozonated olive oil or shows a deficiency of the skin - in minerals, blood circulation, lymph flow or energy flow.

However, the initial reaction should not prevent you from promoting skin metabolism through targeted skin care.

Internal use

Computer graphics of the intestinal flora affected by parasites

  •   for intestinal rehabilitation
  •   for intestinal fungi (Candida)
  •   for intestinal parasites (see also LINK parasite cleanse)
  •   on deworming of pets
  •   for blood parasites
  •   for Giardia (small intestine parasites)
  •   for Clostridia
  •   in case of flatulence
  •   Accompanying treatment of chronic diseases , e.g. Lyme desease
  •   Ozone oil hinders the reproduction of viruses - therefore interesting for all viral diseases
  •   Orally ingested eliminates ozone oil CFCs and PCBs
  •   formaldehyde is split into carbon dioxide, water and oxygen
  •   helpful properties of peroxides, ozonides and pelargonic acid

Recommended intake of ozonated olive oil

To clarify possible strong reactions, first drink only 1 drop of ozonized olive oil in some water for two days. Drop it into cold water - then stir with a plastic spoon. If the ozonated oil is well tolerated, take 3 times 2-3 drops for three days. Afterwards for five days 3 times 5-6 drops, then 20 days 3 times 10 drops. The intake of ozonated olive oil is optimal before eating.

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