Preview: SanaAmino with 8 essential amino acids in valuable blue glass
Preview: SanaAmino with 8 essential amino acids in valuable blue glass
SanaAmino with 8 essential amino acids in valuable blue glass
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Product information "MyAmino"

MyAmino with 8 amino acids

MyAmino contains the same eight essential amino acids as MAP (Master amino acid pattern), but costs significantly less. The composition of the amino acids is also the same as MAP.

With the highest protein nutritional value worldwide!

Content: 150 tablets of 1 gram each.

Amino acids are the elements from which our body forms proteins. Proteins are a vital component of our food. They are the basic building material for our entire organism. They serve for the constant renewal of the mass of living cells that form muscles, organs, bones, antibodies, enzymes, etc. 

MyAmino, these are the 8 essential amino acids that the body needs to synthesize proteins for all its metabolic processes. If one of the eight essential amino acids is missing, the body hungers for it.  

MyAmino supplies these 8 essential amino acids in a special formula (according to Prof. Dr. Lucà-Moretti), which the organism converts almost completely into body protein (protein nutritional value NNU over 99%) without producing significant metabolic waste products (less than 1%).


The following gram specifications apply per daily dose (10 pellets):

  •   L-Leucine (1,964 g)
  •   L-Valine (1,657 g)
  •   L-Isoleucine (1,483 g)
  •   L-Lysine (1,429 g)
  •   L-Phenylalanine (1,289 g)
  •   L-Threonine (1,111 g)
  •   L-Methionine (0,699 g)
  •   L-Tryptophane (0,368 g)

MyAmino consists of 100% highly pure, free and crystalline amino acids from purely vegetable, GMO-free origin (legumes) and is free of any additives.

Consumption recommendation

1-2 times daily take 5 tablets with sufficient liquid.

Especially important for

  •   protein deficiency
  •   maintenance and strengthening of muscles and tissue
  •   persons in special physiological circumstances (elderly, pregnant women, nursing mothers, growing children)
  •   in case of sports or other physical strain
  •   vegetarians and vegans
  •   special nutritional programmes, e.g. the ketogenic diet
  •   supplementation in case of limited intake and utilization of dietary protein

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