Preview: Diamond Shield CRYSTAL with earthing
Preview: Diamond Shield CRYSTAL with earthing
Preview: Diamond Shield CRYSTAL with earthing
Diamond Shield CRYSTAL with earthing
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Multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield Crystal

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When ordering a zapper you will receive one frequency chipcard free of charge:

Size of the belly strap

Product information "Multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield Crystal"

You will receive a free chip card of your choice which you can select above - below the price, as well as the size of the waist belt for the Crystal program. 

The new Fractal Amplifier (separate accessory) makes frequency therapy three times more efficient! 

Like a crystal

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The frequency therapy is raised to a new level: The multi-frequency zapper Diamond Shield Crystal was developed from the zapper by Dr. Hulda Clark. While the original Clark Zapper has only the 3x7 minute program with broadband effect, the Diamond Shield Crystal offers much more possibilities of frequency therapy. Here you can buy the Diamond Shield Crystal which is also a Rife machine. Learn more on our page Rife machine Diamond Shield.

The special feature of the Diamond Shield Crystal: it offers the ingenious, innovative frequency program "Crystal", which influences the entire meridian system via a special belly strap. This program lasts 100 minutes and is transferred to the Hara (energy center) via a belly strap with two metal contacts. The Crystal program thus affects the entire meridian system. 

Since 100 minutes zapping is a lot for the body, you should divide the program into 2 days. It is recommended to do about 50 minutes on the 1st day, the rest of the program on the 2nd day and a break on the 3rd day so that the body can readjust. Thanks to the memory button, the device continues where you left off the program. How to do that is at the bottom of this page.

The Crystal program is also available separately as frequency chipcard CRYSTAL which can be played on any Diamond Shield device. 

Please note: The Crystal program does not require the earthing cable connection because it does not work with pulse discharge. The belly strap is only intended for the Crystal program, not for other frequency programs.

Request our customers' testimonials free of charge by email! We also have frequency chipcards and accessories for the Diamond Shield Crystal.

Belly strap sizes

The belly strap is available in 5 sizes, please select the size above below the price:

  • XS for abdominal girth 75-90 cm (Length of the belt 100 cm) 
  • S for abdominal girth 85-100 cm (Length of the belt 110 cm)
  • M for abdominal girth 90-110 cm (Length of the belt 120 cm)
  • L for abdominal girth 105-120 cm (Length of the belt 130 cm)
  • XL for abdominal girth 110-130 cm (Length of the belt 140 cm)
  • XXL for abdominal girth 120-140 cm (Length of the belt 150 cm) - on request

13 important frequency programs are stored permanently

(You will get to the page Rife machine Diamond Shield)

Rent instead of buying

For 49,- € per month you can also rent the Diamond Shield Crystal (up to 2 months). Chipcards cost 5,- € per month and piece (up to 5). The rental fee is fully deducted at the time of purchase. Please note: you only get a free chipcard if you buy immediately, not if you buy after rent.

We charge a deposit of 250,- €, which we will repay you with the purchase - or which you will get back with the return of the faultless device. If you want to rent the device, please send us your order by email. We will reply with the invoice for payment in advance (bank transfer or PayPal).

 Button delivery includes

Zapper Diamond Shield with accessories in suitcase

  •   Multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield Crystal in sturdy protective case
  •   1 frequency chipcard of your choice - you can select it on the top right (below the price)
  •   illuminated display, contrast adjustable, beep can be switched off
  •   cable (suitable for all accessories of Diamond Shield and BW21 Zappers)
  •   earthing cable
  •   socket tester
  •   2 flexible metal wrist cuffs (almost nickel-free, not suitable for nickel allergic persons)
  •   belly strap (in 5 sizes - please select above)
  •   2 large adhesive electrodes for EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)
  •   rechargeable battery 9 Volt (NiMH)
  •   universal charger (for all common NiMH battery sizes)
  •   Technical instructions, see Manual Diamond Shield Crystal english
  •   Description of the frequency programs in the zapper
  •   the ebook-Jutta-Mauermann-Frequency-therapy by Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann

FAQ about Diamond Shield Crystal

How is the Crystal program used?

The Crystal program is used (as the only frequency program) with the belly strap. You put it on in such a way that the push buttons are at the front of the abdomen, approx. 3-5 cm below the navel.

Practitioner Alan Baklayan recommends:
On the 1st day you do the Crystal program about 50 minutes, then press the MEMORY button and then the START button and turn off the zapper. On the 2nd day switch on and press the MEMORY button and then the OK button. The program continues where you left it off the day before and plays the remaining 50 minutes. You should take a break on the 3rd day. This is the recommended cycle.

The MEMORY function only works if you do not run other programs in between.

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Customer reviews for "Multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield Crystal"
Fee 12 Jan 2023

Crystal Zapper

I brought the zapper a few months ago and with regular use I find now my general health is more steady and I feel stronger and more balanced. I've noticed my liver is a lot less reactive.

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