Preview: Hulda Clark Zapper
Preview: Hulda Clark Zapper
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Hulda Clark Zapper

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Product information "Hulda Clark Zapper"

The Dr Hulda Clark zapper K100 offers the original 3x7 minutes program by Dr Hulda Clark with its broadband effect on parasites. You get a complete Dr Clark Zapper at a reasonable price. 

This Dr Hulda Clark zapper gives square waves to the body, at a frequency of 30kHz. Dr Clark's requirement to maintain a positive offset was also implemented here. Positive offset means that the frequency does not touch the zero line but oscillates between 9V and 0.25V.

If you are looking for more powerful frequency zappers and want to choose from over 100 targeted frequency programs, the best choice is a multi-frequency zapper Diamond Shield. Learn all about zappers in general on the page parasite zapper .

Zapper + Parasite Herbs = Parasite cleanse by Dr. Hulda Clark

Dr. Clark wrote that the zapper can only develop its full effect in combination with the parasite herbs wormwood, clove and black walnut. Here you can order the parasite cleanse as well.

What the Dr Hulda Clark Zapper K100 zapper offers you

  •   Time automatic:
    The Zapp rhythm recommended by Dr. Clark (7 minutes on, 20 minutes off, 7-20-7) is performed automatically and the device switches off automatically at the end. You can even fall asleep safely! The Dr Clark Zapper indicates visually and acoustically when it changes from operation to pause and vice versa. In addition, a "Continuous Zapp" function is available.
  •   Contact alarm:
    The Clark Zapper will beep when there is a short circuit or insufficient contact between the electrodes and the skin. This can be easily remedied with a little moisture.
  •   Battery alarm:
    The battery light signals when the battery of the Dr Clark Zapper needs to be replaced. So you always zap with enough "juice".
  •   Metal-free arm joint cuffs:
    Easy to apply, washable and without possible allergic reactions to metal.

Equipment of the Dr Hulda Clark Zapper K100   

  •   a pair of wrist cuffs made of conductive rubber
  •   one cable
  •   battery
  •   practically and safely packed in a transport case
  •   with detailed operating instructions

In addition, you can order different accessories for the K100 zapper.

Technical data

Output voltage: 9V (+- 10%) with 9.1V input - Current consumption: approx. 7mA Frequency: 32 kHz (+- 1%)

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Customer reviews for "Hulda Clark Zapper"
Rachel Walmsley 17 Feb 2021

excellent device

I've used this for several years and it has greatly improved my health. It is a very cost effective way to easily improve wellbeing by removing parasites. Excellent, thank you

Nicola 4 Apr 2020

I was skeptical but works great....

Flu and Pulmonary problems.Used by myself and an 87 years old cardiopathic person in combination with Laxmi Vilas Ras -Swasari ras and 1 gr vit c every 2 hrs + Dr.Clark Herbs. The catalyst needed..

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