Frequency generators

Therapeutic frequency generators are, so to speak, extended, programmable zappers. This means that you can design and save your own frequency programs. For your orientation we provide you with detailed frequency lists free of charge.

The Diamond Shield professional is a precise high-performance frequency generator. It can read all frequency chipcards and is freely programmable. All frequencies between 1 Hz and 2.5 MegaHz can be generated, and that to two decimal places exactly. This allows you to enter all frequencies of Raymond Rife, Hulda Clark and Alan Baklayan.

You can also create your own frequency programs with the MiniFG. But this device cannot read or write chipcards.

Frequency generator MiniFG

248.00 €

Fractal amplifier for parasite zapper

299.00 €

rechargable battery 9V 650mAh

13.80 €

Cable for Diamond Shield Zapper

18.90 €

Cable for Zapper K100 and MiniFG

15.00 €

Grounding cable for Diamond Shield

19.80 €

Pair of connector adapters 4mm

3.99 €

Pair of connector adapters 10mm

3.99 €

Pair of ankle cuffs

29.90 €

Cuff 60cm for all frequency devices

23.00 €

Cuff 80cm for all frequency devices

25.00 €

cuff 100cm for all frequency devices

27.00 €

Cuff 140cm for all frequency devices

31.00 €

Pair of glove electrodes

64.00 €

Pair of sock electrodes

47.00 €

Resonance plate for Diamond Shield

24.80 €

Socket tester for grounding

9.50 €

Chipcard leather storage

79.90 €

Pair of silver fiber wrist cuffs

17.90 €

Pair of silver fiber elbow cuffs

19.90 €