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Frequency generator MiniFG

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Product information "Frequency generator MiniFG"

The MiniFG can generate any frequency between 1 Hertz and 1 million Hertz. This allows you to use all pathogen and health frequencies by Dr. Hulda ClarkDr. Raymond Rife and others. You can only enter full Hertz numbers, not numbers after the decimal point. For example, you cannot enter Beck's blood zapper frequency of 3.92 Hz.

The MiniFG is a parasite zapper and a frequency generator in one device.

With the frequency generator MiniFG you have many possibilities:

  •  you can choose between sine wave and square wave
  •  you can also determine whether the wave should be positive/negative or purely positive (positive offset according to Hulda Clark)
  •  you can create your own frequency programs and save up to 21 frequencies
  •  Hulda Clark Zapper function with automatic timer: The zapp rhythm recommended by Dr. Clark (7 minutes on, 20 min. pause, 7-20-7) is performed automatically
  •  The output voltage can be set between 2 and 15 volts in 1 volt steps
  •  2 outputs allow 2 people to be connected simultaneously or the same person to two different parts of the body
  •  Contact control: A signal tone warns if there is insufficient contact between the electrodes and the skin. This can be easily corrected with a little moisture
  •  The clear display shows all relevant information: Frequency, remaining time, selected program, waveform and battery level

Dr. Clark wrote that the zapper can only develop its full effect in combination with the parasite herbs wormwood, clove and black walnut. Here you can order the parasite cleanse.

Scope of delivery:

Safely packed in a practical carrying case, the MiniFG comes with detailed operating instructions.

Includes battery, 2 pairs of cables, 2 pairs of metal-free wrist cuffs and 2 body electrodes. Cables and plugs are compatible with many other systems through crocodile adapters.

You will also receive a free list of 5,000 Rife frequencies. The Clark frequencies are listed in the book The cure for all deseases by Dr. Hulda Clark.

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