Preview: Frequency generator Diamond Shield professional with fractal amplifier
Preview: Frequency generator Diamond Shield professional with fractal amplifier
Frequency generator Diamond Shield professional with fractal amplifier
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Frequency generator Diamond Shield professional with fractal amplifier

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When ordering a zapper you will receive one frequency chipcard free of charge:

Product information "Frequency generator Diamond Shield professional with fractal amplifier"

Together with the Fractal amplifier, frequency therapy with the Diamond Shield zappers is now even more efficient.

You will receive for free 2 (empty) master chipcards for storing your own frequency programs AND a chipcard of your choice - you can select it above, below the price. In addition, we supply the valuable Frequency compendium and a whole lot of accessories free of charge.

All possibilities of frequency therapy

Have you always wanted to put together a frequency program yourself - tailored to your needs or those of your patients? With the Diamond Shield professional you can create your own programs and chipcards.

So you have multifrequency zapper and frequency generator in one. You have a real Rife machine because you can choose from thousands of Rife frequencies. Furthermore, you can use all frequencies by Hulda Clark an other researchers. The frequency range is from 0.1Hz to 2,500,000Hz. Now you have all the possibilities of frequency therapy according to Dr. Hulda Clark, Dr. Raymond Rife, Alan Baklayan and other researchers at your disposal.

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But that's not all: you can also choose from almost 100 different chipcards. Never before has it been possible to set so many parameters of frequency therapy in a handy zapper: wobble, microcurrents, earthing, modulation, ...

Lots of information and books

With the Diamond Shield professional you are at the cutting edge of frequency therapy research. All current findings have been implemented here. Have a look at the page Rife machine Diamond Shield! Also the page Parasite zapper offers a lot of helpful information.

You will find frequency chipcards and accessories for the Diamond Shield professional. You can request testimonials of our customers simply by email! And there are also books - Alan Baklayan: Gentle Healing with harmonic waves and Alan Baklayan: Gentle self-healing.

13 important frequency programs are stored permanently

(You will get to the page Rife machine Diamond Shield)

The programs Continuous, Zappicator and Plate are stored on the chipcard PROF ST PR which is supplied free of charge.

What can you do with the Diamond Shield professional?

With the frequency generator Diamond Shield professional you can use all frequency chipcards for Diamond Shield as well as create your own frequency programs. The frequency lists of Dr. Hulda Clark and Dr. Raymond Rife are available for this purpose. They are in the frequency manual, which you get for free. This primer makes programming much more efficient and versatile. With all Clark and Rife frequencies! Here you can find out how to set all parameters optimally. So you can get started right away.  

You will also receive the database chipcard "Top121" with 121 Clark and Rife frequencies. The database makes programming easier for you because you can easily call up the most important frequencies. 

The device stores up to 20 frequencies - either single frequencies or wobble ranges between two Clark frequencies. Learn more about wobbling here. When the unit's memory is full, you can store the 20 frequencies on a master chipcard and create new frequency programs in the unit.

The free frequency primer indicates exactly how you can set these parameters to achieve optimal therapy success. However, you do not have to be familiar with all these parameters from the start, but can simply adopt the preset values. As time goes by, you will go deeper into the matter and get to know all the possibilities of Diamond-Shield technology. 

What are the advantages of programming yourself?

  • People often have very specific strains. For example, one person suffers from chlamydia, salmonella and Escherichia coli. You would have to use 3 different prefabricated chipcards - one for each pathogen. That would be pretty awkward. By programming yourself, you can create a truly individual program that only contains the frequencies of these 3 pathogens.

  • There are more than 120 prefabricated chicards, but they do not cover all topics of health problems. With the Diamond Shield professional you can enter frequencies for all possible diseases and health problems.

  • Therapists can create individual frequency programs for their patients and give them their individual chipcard home with them. Patients can then run this chipcard daily at home - on their own Diamond Shield Zapper.

Rent instead of buying

For 98,- € per month you can also rent the Diamond Shield professional (up to 2 months). Chipcards cost 5,- € per month and piece. The rental fee is fully deducted at the time of purchase. Please note: you only get a free chipcard if you buy immediately, not if you buy after a rental.

We charge a deposit of 350,- €, which we will repay you with the purchase - or which you will get back with the return of the faultless device. If you want to rent the device, please send us your order by email. We will reply with the invoice for payment in advance (bank transfer or PayPal).

 Button delivery includes



  •   Multifrequency Zapper Diamond Shield Professional in sturdy protective case
  •   1 frequency chipcard of your choice - you can select it on the top right (below the price)
  •   2 master chipcards universal for storing frequency programs (correspond to the master chipcard small)
  •   illuminated display, contrast adjustable, beep can be switched off
  •   cable (suitable for all accessories for Diamond Shield)
  •   earthing cable
  •   socket tester
  •   1 pair of hand electrodes made of stainless steel (almost nickel-free, not suitable for nickel allergic persons). These can be disinfected again and again. If you would like to order additional wrist cuffs, you will find them on the page accessories.
  •   database chip "Top 121" with the most important Clark and Rife frequencies. This chip can be used with all Diamond Shield devices.
  •   2 large adhesive electrodes for EMS (electrical muscle stimulation)
  •   rechargeable battery 9 Volt (NiMH)
  •   universal charger (for all common NiMH battery sizes)
  •   Technical instructions, see Manual Diamond Shield Professional english
  •   Description of the frequency programs in the Diamond Shield professional (16 programs with a total of 113 frequencies)
  •   The detailed frequency manual (250 pages, DIN A4) - so far only in German, but we assist you on the phone
  •   the ebook-Jutta-Mauermann-Frequency-therapy by Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann


Questions concerning all Diamond Shield devices will be answered on the Diamond Shield page. Here only questions and answers about Diamond Shield professional.

How do I delete the internal memory in Diamond Shield professional?

The "Individual" memory is a working memory in which up to 20 frequencies can be stored. These become a sequence (of frequencies) when stored on a master chipcard. This sequence can be played completely from the master chipcard with any Diamond Shield device.

The frequencies can also be played directly from the individual memory, but only one at a time, not as a complete sequence. 

The content of a Master Chipcard can be completely erased. This is not possible with the individual memory. The frequency programs can only be deleted one at a time.

Can I also choose sine wave?

You can't adjust the sine wave. This would be a step backwards, because the square wave contains all harmonics of a frequency and is therefore more effective than the sine wave.

Is it possible to set whether the square wave is only in the plus range or in the plus and minus ranges?

Yes, you can set this - individually at any frequency. If you enter a new frequency, this is the point "Offset": The default setting is always "pos+", i.e. the wave is purely in the positive range. If you want to have the wave in the plus AND minus range, set the offset to "no".

The setting "pos" (without +) is not relevant.

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