Acupuncture without needles

Naturopath Alan Baklayan has succeeded in transferring the systematics of acupuncture to the therapeutic application of frequencies. With special frequency programmes stored on chipcards, meridians and acupuncture points can be stimulated or calmed. Analogous to the classical pricking of gold or silver needles.

The 21 TCM chipcards contain frequencies that directly trigger the corresponding meridians and their acupuncture points. They are listed in full below the product images.

The effect is based on the discovery of harmonic waves by Alan Baklayan. He calculated exactly the frequency ranges of the 12 classical meridians - and within each meridian the frequencies of all points. The TCM chipcards can be played with any Rife machine Diamond Shield.

Even better effect: The fractal amplifier increases the effect up to threefold, especially with meridian-oriented frequency programmes. The frequencies penetrate deeper.

Please note: All TCM Chipcards should be applied without grounding. (Exception Chipcard TUM: after application you should ground yourself for 20 minutes - e.g. with the Diamond Shield Zapper).

An overview of all chipcards can be found on the pages Chipcards for Diamond Shield and Chipcards for Biowave.

All 21 TCM chips by Alan Baklayan at a glance

- Autoimmune Regulation (Aim)
- Bronchial congestion (BrV)
- Cellulite (Cel)
- Improve intestinal flora (DaFl)
- Improve intestinal function (DaFu)
- Diarrhoea (Durch)
- Haemorrhoids (Hae)
- Harmonise liver function (LeFu)
- Lung Volume (LV)
- Depressive moods (Mood)
- Fatigue (Md)
- Stomach Acidity (MUe)
- Kidney detoxification (NiE)
- Food intolerances (NUV)
- Prostate problems (PB)
- Irritable bladder (RB)
- Irritable cough (RzH)
- Thyroid gland (SD)
- Eye (SEH)
- Slimming (SLIM)
- Tumour (TUM)