Healing frequencies

In the extensive online library "Healing Frequency" you will find the right frequencies for you, your family and your patients. Simply enter the symptom, the name of the disease or the pathogen - and you will receive suitable suggestions for frequency therapy. The library contains thousands of frequencies by Dr Hulda Clark, Dr Raymond Rife, Alan Baklayan and other researchers.

On your computer you compile your individual frequency program and store it on a chipcard - with the software CHIPCARD CREATOR. This chipcard can then be used with Rife machine Diamond Shield or Biowave Zappers - depending on how you save your frequency program.

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You now have free access to this comprehensive online library of frequency therapy. Click here and scroll down until DOWNLOAD SOFTWARE appears on the right.

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The following databases are available free of charge:

Just search for

  •   Indications / symptoms, e.g. allergies
  •   viruses like EBV or herpes
  •   bacteria, e.g. Borrelia burgdorferi or Staphylococci
  •   parasites including all worms and flukes described by Dr. Clark
  •   fungi (Candida, Aspergilla, …)

So everybody finds the right frequencies. In addition, the library provides you with many therapeutic background information and additional recommendations.

If you would like to delve deeper into this rewarding matter, continue reading on the Healing Frequency page. There you will get lots of good tips and hints on frequency zapping and learn all about a successful frequency therapy. Everything is well structured and easy to understand.

Write your own chipcards on the computer

With the computer program CHIPCARD CREATOR (see screenshot below) you can easily design frequency programs and write them on chipcards yourself. There is a free version and a professional version of this software. Please note that the program works ONLY on Windows computers, not on Apple.

Dedicated private users compose programs for the whole family. Therapists make individual chicpards for their patients in each case after testing. You just put the program together on the PC and write it with one click directly on the empty chip card - using a USB stick.

And the best: the chipcards can be used with every Rife machine Diamond Shield or BW21 zapper. You can define this during programming. 

Free version

You can download the prefabricated frequency chipcards by Alan Baklayan directly. Your advantages: You save 5-25 € each compared to prefabricated chipcards. And you have the chipcard immediately when you need it. 

Furthermore, you can select exactly the frequencies you need from the Clark and Rife databases. With the free version, you can put together anything you want from the databases. 

For example, you find the Clark frequencies of the pathogen Diplococcus pneumoniae by entering this name in the search window. Then you copy these frequencies on the chipcard. It couldn't be simpler! Then you can add more frequencies - until the chipcard is full. Save at the end - done.

To use the free version of CHIPCARD CREATOR, simply download the software from the Healing Frequency page. The application of the software is described in detail in the Healing-Frequency manual.

Besides the software you also need  

Furthermore, you need Healing frequency chipcards. There are 2 variants: small for 20 frequencies; medium for 30 frequencies. Each Healing frequency chipcard can be written to once and can then no more be changed. You can use it for Diamond Shield or reformat it for BW21 (although there is written "Diamond Shield" on the chipcard). The free version can only read or write Healing frequency chipcards, no master chipcards.

Or you take the starter set for 99,90 € that includes the USB chipcard writer and 5 small Healing frequency chipcards. You save 30,- €.

Professional version

The professional version of CHIPCARD CREATOR offers more possibilities: As with the free version, you can use all databases and additionally compile any frequencies. So you can add your own frequencies to the programs from the library. 

Find out how to upgrade the free version to the pro version in the Healing Frequencies manual for upgrade to professional version.

For example, in addition to the Diplococcus frequencies from the Clark database, you want to run the Schumann frequency of 7.84 Hz for 10 minutes. After this some suitable Rife-frequencies. Enter all frequencies, durations and other parameters into the input mask on the PC ("edit programs").

If you are a therapist or one of those who want to create free programs for yourself and your family - order the professional version! So you can be completely free and creative. And you get the USB chipcard writer, 5 small master chipcards and the frequency manual for free.

Diamond Shield parameters

With Rife machine Diamond Shield additional parameters can be set:

All these parameters can be set and defined individually. This allows you to create optimal frequency programs with maximum effect. Or you can accept the preset values, e.g. if you want to save time.

Copy and paste

With the professional version you can copy frequency programs from one master chipcard to other master chipcards. This can be done with the buttons COPY and PASTE in the upper right corner. Insert the source master chipcard and click COPY. Then insert another master chipcard, click PASTE and finally SAVE CHANGES TO CHIPCARD .

Please note that writing to Healing frequency chipcards does NOT work this way, but only on master chipcards.


In the first example (free version), we search for "neurodermatitis" and only check "Chipcard". Thus we get the pre-programmed chipcard "Asthma" by Baklayan. We have inserted a Healing Frequency chipcard small into the USB chipcard writer. By copying the asthma chip onto the empty chip it is full. This is always the case when you copy pre-programmed chipcards to empty ones - independently of the number of frequencies.

Screenshot of the software Chipcard Creator

In the second example (free version), we check "Clark" and "Rife" to find individual frequencies or sequences. We get three Clark frequencies - the wobbled frequency range 404,900 - 409,150 Hz, the wobbled modulation 1/128 of it (3,163 - 3,196 Hz) and the mean value 408,000 Hz. We copy these three to the empty Healing Frequency chipcard, which is only filled to one tenth (green level top right). So you can store many more frequencies on this chipcard.

Screenshot of the software Chipcard Creator

In the third example we use the professional version of the Chipcard Creator. We create a chip with 23 polyneuropathy frequencies and store them on a Master chipcard small - one frequency after the other. We can set all parameters like frequency, duration, modulation, pulse discharge, wobbling and intensity at each frequency individually. 

Screenshot of the software Chipcard Creator 

Which chipcards are available to write on?

The following writeable chipcards are available:

Healing frequency chipcards

These are suitable for the free and the professional version. The Healing frequency chipcards can only be written to once. They can be used with Diamond Shield or BW21 Zappers.

Master chipcards

These can store more frequencies and are rewritable as often as desired. They are only suitable for the professional version and for the frequency generator Diamond Shield professional. They also can be used with Diamond Shield or BW21 zappers. 

Please note that the functions CUT - COPY - INSERT are not available with the Healing frequency chipcards, but only with master chipcards.

Master chipcards are available in 3 sizes:

In a family it makes sense that each member has its own chipcard and can run it on the zapper. Therapists can put together individual frequency programs for their patients and they take them home. There the patients can use the program on the zapper every day.

Everything worth knowing about the practical use of chipcards can be found in the eBook Frequency therapy by Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann.