5 elements chipcards

Alternative practitioner Alan Baklayan oriented himself at the 5 elements of the traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) when he designed the elements frequency chipcards. 

Each element is assigned to a specific combination of two meridians (4 for element fire). Meridians are the energy channels of the body. Each meridian corresponds to a specific human organ.


  •   earth - spleen/pancreas, stomach
  •   fire - heart, small intestine, pericardium, triple-warmer
  •   wood - liver, gall bladder
  •   metal - lung, colon
  •   water - kidney, bladder

Acupuncture withour needles

For each element there are two chipcards: damping and support.

For each of these 5 elements there is a damping and a supporting chipcard. These have very different effects. The damping in acupuncture corresponds to the setting of a silver needle (sedating), the support corresponds to the setting of a gold needle (toning).

One should not use damping and support from the same element at the same time, because these contradict each other. You can't cool and heat at the same time.

TCM assigns each organ a two-hour phase of the day and a month. You can see the TCM circadian rhythm on this page (below). Detailed information and videos about Traditional Chinese Medicine can be found on the website of the National center for integrative and complementary health.  


In the PDF brochure LINK Element Chipcards by Alan Baklayan you can learn more about the symptoms and application possibilities of the element chipcards. You can also download the LINK indication list of the element chipcards. This way you can easily find the right chicard based on the symptoms.