Chip card with TENS function for Zapper Diamond Shield according to Hulda Clark
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Frequency Chipcard TENS for Diamond Shield Zapper

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Product information "Frequency Chipcard TENS for Diamond Shield Zapper"

TENS therapy

Thanks to this chipcard you can use the Rife machine Diamond Shield also for TENS therapy. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation is a recognized local pain therapy with frequencies. On the chipcard it says "Sch-T" or "PT".

The chipcard contains 3 different TENS programs, each of them runs for 30 minutes.

  •   PT1 - 100 Hz: for acute pain
  •   PT2 - 20 Hz: for acute or chronic pain
  •   PT3 - 2 Hz: for chronic pain

You should change the programs every now and then to avoid the habituation effect. It also makes sense to experiment yourself.

Local application

The TENS frequencies are always applied directly to the painful areas. It is best to use adhesive electrodes for TENS therapy. We have small adhesive electrodes and large adhesive electrodes. The small ones are more used on the head, the large ones on the body.

Place the two electrodes to the left and right (or top and bottom) of the affected area. You can also do this several times a day.

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