Preview: Two jars of different sizes, with labels "White frankincense from Oman" 50 gram and 100 gram
Preview: Two jars of different sizes, with labels "White frankincense from Oman" 50 gram and 100 gram
Two jars of different sizes, with labels "White frankincense from Oman" 50 gram and 100 gram
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Frankincense white from Oman

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Product information "Frankincense white from Oman"

The silver frankincense from Oman is a noble selection with a particularly intensive, fine fragrance and taste. This frankincense of the highest quality is preferred for consumption, not for smoking. It has a strong anti-inflammatory effect.

Please also see our main page Incense.

For use in an incense burner (aroma lamp - use without water) we recommend the less expensive LINK brown frankincense. If you want to enjoy the ultimate fine fragrance, you can of course also put the silver incense on the fragrance lamp. There is also an LINK frankincense oil for the skin.

4 different quantities

  •   50g
  •   100g
  •   250g
  •   500g

The 50g and 100g are delivered in a jar.

Please note: not every batch of white frankincense contains exclusively white resin beads. If the product is freshly harvested, there are also slightly amber-coloured beads, which usually darken after some time. Frankincense is a natural product, so colour variations are normal.


The dosage is about 3 grams per day and per person. That is about the volume of a small walnut. You can also increase the daily dose to double the amount, e.g. in case of acute inflammation.

For comparison: Frankincense capsules contain about 0.4 g of frankincense. So 3 g correspond to 7.5 capsules.

Frankincense should be taken during or after a fat-containing meal, as it is fat-soluble and is then absorbed more efficiently by the body.

In water

Place the desired amount in a larger container or bottle with drinking water. Leave the frankincense in the water for at least 10 hours (preferably overnight). After this time most of the active ingredients are dissolved in the water. Then drink the water throughout the day.

You do not have to take the residues of the frankincense, because they are, so to speak, exhausted. There are users who also swallow the residues so as not to lose any of the precious good.


You can also chew the frankincense like a chewing gum. It then works directly in the mouth and can be used for inflammation of the throat (gums, oral mucosa); also for catarrh, hoarseness and coughing.

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