Preview: Two jars of different sizes, with labels "Green frankincense from Oman" 50 gram and 100 gram
Preview: Two jars of different sizes, with labels "Green frankincense from Oman" 50 gram and 100 gram
Two jars of different sizes, with labels "Green frankincense from Oman" 50 gram and 100 gram
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Frankincense green from Oman

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Product information "Frankincense green from Oman"

Green incense from Oman is the crowning glory of the incense experience. It is very rare and has the finest aroma and the best medicinal effect of all incense varieties. Green incense is so sought after because its pale aroma of menthol and eucalyptus fascinates connoisseurs.

After the harvest the incense pearls are sorted. During this process, the farmers may find a green one among 100 pearls. So green incense is the most precious thing you can get - the highest pleasure of the incense scent. Even more noble than the white frankincense, which is a little less expensive. or the incensing (fragrance lamp) one takes the more favorable brown frankincense. Incensing the green frankincense would be a waste.

For inflammation of the skin we also have also have incense essetial oil which is mixed with a base cream.

Green frankincense for health

Due to the particularly high proportion of boswellic acids, frankincense has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. More on our pages frankincense and inflammation.

Our customers also report rapid improvement of joint pain, intestinal inflammation and muscle pain.

You can choose the quantity in the upper right corner under the price - 50g or 100g. We deliver the green incense in a glass.

Please note

The green colour is most intense directly from the harvest, after which it fades. Therefore the resin beads are no longer green when they arrive in Germany. But the stunning effect and the incomparable scent remain.


The dosage is approximately 3 grams per day and per person. That is approximately the volume of a small walnut. You can increase the amount to double this, e.g. for acute inflammation.

For comparison: incense capsules contain only about 0.4 g of incense. 3 g thus correspond to 7.5 capsules.

It is best to take incense during or after a fatty meal. It is fat-soluble and is therefore better absorbed by the body.

Dissolve in water

Pour the indicated amount into a filled water carafe. Leave the green incense in the water for about 12 hours, preferably overnight. The next day most of the active ingredients are dissolved in the water. Then drink the water spread over the day.

You do not have to take the residues of the incense, because they are, so to speak, exhausted. However, there are users who swallow the residues so as not to lose any of the precious good.

Chewing green incense

You can also chew the green incense, it's like chewing gum. The resin works directly in your mouth. So you can use it for:

  •   Inflammation of gums and oral mucosa
  •   Catarrh
  •   Hoarseness
  •   Cough

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Customer reviews for "Frankincense green from Oman"
Maria 21 Nov 2020

Very nice

The green frankincense tastes very nice, and works very well as a chewing gum substitute, at the same time providing healing properties. Thank you!