Preview: Amber-coloured incense from Oman for incensing
Preview: Amber-coloured incense from Oman for incensing
Amber-coloured incense from Oman for incensing
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Frankincense brown from Oman

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Product information "Frankincense brown from Oman"

The amber-coloured incense from Oman is the best you can get for incensing.

This incense is actually too good for being incensed on charcoal, because charcoal is too hot: the incense chars and loses its fine notes.

It is better to place it (without water) in a fragrance lamp or on aluminium foil on the stove (low setting). Then you will experience the wonderful scent and the therapeutic effect.

You can choose the following quantities in the upper right corner below the price:

  •   50g
  •   100g
  •   250g
  •   500g

The 50g and 100g are supplied in jars.

For oral use, use the even finer white Frankincense. For the skin you can use incense oil.


Customer reviews for "Frankincense brown from Oman"
Maria 21 Nov 2020


Such a lovely fragrance! Smells so good and effectively purifies the air in the house. Thank you!

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