Preview: Black plate in the shape of a figure eight, next to it is a cable
Preview: Black plate in the shape of a figure eight, next to it is a cable
Black plate in the shape of a figure eight, next to it is a cable
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Fractal amplifier for parasite zapper

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Product information "Fractal amplifier for parasite zapper"

Zapping even more efficiently

The fractal amplifier can increase the effect of frequency therapy up to 300%. It works with all parasite zappers:

Rent instead of buy 

For 49,- € per month you can also rent the Fractal amplifier (up to 2 months). The rental fee is fully deducted at the time of purchase.

We charge a deposit of 99,- €, which we will repay you with the purchase - or which you will get back with the return of the faultless device. If you want to rent the device, please send us your order by email (payment in advance).

Connecting the fractal amplifier

The fractal amplifier is supplied with cable and can also be connected later as an external accessory. It is simply plugged between the red cable of the zapper and a body electrode - no matter if hand electrode, wrist cuff or adhesive electrodes (see accessories). According to Baklayan, the best effect is when using two gold electrodes.

Please connect the cables exactly as shown on this graphic. So the red wire (red plug) of the zapper cable to the ROUND side of the fractal amplifier and the black cable that comes with the amplifier to the flat side.

Next to the blue zapper device lies the black fractal amplifier and is connected by cable with golden hand electrodes

The cable of the fractal amplifier is supplied with two 10mm push button adapters. If you want to connect electrodes that have a 4mm push button connection, you should order 1 pair of 4mm push button adapters as well. Users of a BW21 zapper need a special adapter cable. This is not here in the shop, but must be ordered separately by email - the price is 20,- €.

What's the technology behind the Fractal Amplifier?  

Naturopath Alan Baklayan has created an ingenious innovation by combining two proven technologies with frequency therapy: Tesla coils and fractal antennas. Can't make heads or tails of it? Here's the explanation:

The Tesla coil creates a clockwise vortex, which causes the frequencies to penetrate 3 to 5 times deeper into the body. In addition, the Tesla coil brings an increase in energy and vitality. It strengthens the right-turning acupuncture points, which cause stimulation and vital force (corresponds to the activating gold needle in TCM).

However, each Tesla coil is only effective for a very small frequency range. One would need hundreds of Tesla coils to cover the huge frequency range of therapeutically effective frequencies (1 to 2.5 million Hertz). Therefore, the fractal amplifier is equipped with more than 1,200 fractals to transmit the effect of the Tesla coil into all relevant frequency ranges.

What are fractals?

Fractals are structures in which a basic pattern repeats itself infinitely down to the smallest. In addition to natural fractals such as Romanesco broccoli, fern or the vascular system, there are any number of artificial (mathematical) fractals. Fractal zoom videos that zoom further and further into the image, steadily repeating the same shapes, are fascinating. For example, this one.

Fractal antennas are not a new invention, but they make e.g. that cell phones do not need many antennas (one for each frequency range), but get along with one fractal antenna for all applications.

Technical specifications

Weight with cable: 220g
Dimensions: 21x11x2 cm
Length of the cable: 150cm

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Customer reviews for "Fractal amplifier for parasite zapper"
Maria 14 Feb 2022


I purchased the amplifier last year and have been using it regularly for all my zapping programs. I trust it has really been making a difference in the delivery of the healing frequencies to the body. Thank you!