Heavy metal cleanse

Coriander, wild garlic (ransom) and algae. These are the three remedies of the classic heavy metal cleanse after Dr. med. Dietrich Klinghardt. Furthermore, the heavy metal cleanse should be supported with sulphur compounds such as MSM and glutathione, because sulphur improves the detoxification of the cells.

As Dr. Hulda Clark discovered: a heavy metal burden favours infections with parasites (also see parasite cleanse). These parasites store toxins and put a strain on the organism. The interaction of parasites and heavy metals can be interrupted by MSM and glutathione.

The heavy metal cleanse should be accompanied by frequency therapy: use the Rife machine Diamond Shield with the frequency chipcard TOM (toxic metals). Also available for BW21 parasite zappers. Also colloidal germanium has a positive effect on the detoxification of heavy metals.