Wobbling (also called "sweeping") is the even "wiping off" of a frequency range. Especially if you go by the frequency tables of Dr. Hulda Clark, it is very important to cover complete frequency ranges. Because according to Dr. Clark, pathogens do not have fixed frequencies, but one or more frequency ranges. For example, for Chlamydia trachomatis she recommends a range from 379,700 to 383,950 Hertz. See the frequency tables in her book LINK The cure for all deseases.

Also the tables of harmonic waves according to Baklayan show complete levels and meridians. Here it is inevitable that the zapper can wobble. The graphic shows the typical square wave of a zapper, which is shifted into the positive range (electrical PLUS). The lower picture shows a typical sweep curve: the frequency range is continuously traversed up and down.

The Rife machines Diamond Shield can execute wobbling.