Earthing and pulse discharge

The problem

cell tower

In everyday life we are charged to the brim with electrical voltage:

  •   mobile phones
  •   computers, TV sets
  •   all electrical devices
  •   wireless network
  •   cables in the wall

Whether on standby or switched on, electric charge constantly flows in us and around us. The good message is: your body can get rid of these charges if it is grounded to earth. And this ist possible with the Rife machine and parasite zapper Diamond Shield.

In the past, people used to walk barefoot on the naked ground and were thus daily grounded. Insulated floors and shoes constantly build up static electricity in us, which can only be discharged by touching door or car handles. By laying power cables, switching devices to standby at night, and increasing wireless information transmissions, we are constantly in a field of tension that is measurable and in the range of 7.5 volts.

In addition: With every meter that we move upwards (away from the ground), the electrostatic voltage increases by approx. 200 volts. So one calculates with approx. 4 meters per floor, that is 4 x 200 = approx. 800 volts. So if someone lives on the 3rd floor, it's already 3 x 800 = 2400 volts.

We are basically like vessels that are too full of electrical voltages. What wonder that people are getting worse and worse despite perfect medical care.

We're overloaded with electrosmog

Type of electrosmogCharge
Static electricity Occurs through friction, but cannot be broken down as long as we live isolated from the ground. Finally, the static electricity discharges unpleasantly: We feel the electric shock when we touch a door handle or the car.
Electromagnetic fields On average, 7.5 volts are measurable in our body, near electrical appliances even higher. It's like you're permanently connected to a power source.
Atmospheric voltage 200 volts per meter height. For example, if you live on the 3rd floor, you have already 1,500 volts! That’s approx. 500 volts per floor.
Mobile telephony The radiation of our mobile phones and the transmitter masts in the 2.4 Giga Hertz range knows no pause, transmits day and night. 

On the other hand, think how well you feel

  •   when you have bathed in a lake or sea
  •   when you have digged with your hands in the soil
  •   when you have been lying in the grass or on the beach

You can also get this great feeling by earthing the Rife machine Diamond Shield.


You can see a tree from the side and its large root system deep into the earth

By earthing with the Diamond Shield Zapper you can discharge yourself and reduce the voltages generated by electrosmog. This is done via an earthing cable that fits into any ordinary socket. In addition, charges generated by zapping can flow off.

In addition, you may earth yourself for 50 minutes after zapping. Natural health practitioner Alan Baklayan recommends doing this once or twice a week to free yourself from unnecessary loads. The Diamond Shield Zapper does not have to be switched on for this; it only needs to be connected to the power socket with the earthing cable. 

Pulse discharge IE

Diamond Shield zapper with cables connected to earth

Getting rid of loads and building a "diamond shield" - how can this be agreed?

Each meridian as energetic representative and functional circle of an organ regulates all charges of this organ. It's the net that feeds everything and removes everything superfluous. So if we manage to give the meridian system the right IMPULSE and then DISCHARGE it, that's exactly what we have achieved. The "IE" in the Diamond Shield product name stands for pulse discharge.

First the zapper gives a frequency pulse, then overcharges are discharged via the cable and flow into the earth. Each impulse is followed by a discharge. This is how the "Diamond Shield" is created.

A comparison

Think of the waste and fresh water system (= meridian System) of a building, which supplies it with fresh water and returns dirt and waste to the sewage system. If this system is clogged and the usual means no longer work, the plumber must connect the whole system to a vibrator (= Diamond Shield Zapper), which cleans the whole tubes with a certain vibration. The dirt, lime and so on removed from the walls of the pipes are then passed on to the sewer system (earth).

Only when the therapy frequency exactly reaches the exact frequency of the material, all the dirt dissolves. Too high a frequency does not work and too low a frequency (slow knocking) does not work either. Where do the charges that have now come loose go? INTO THE EARTH!