The story of Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann

Why did she choose medicine as her career path?

Perhaps it was already in her genes: her mother was a young woman war nurse in World War 1 and 2. From 1949 Dr. Mauermann studied at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich. The money wasn't enough to make big leaps abroad. 

Dr. Mauermann worked at the von Hauner Children's Hospital in Munich, where she also wrote her doctoral thesis. After that she spent her practical time in the surgery of a rural hospital. It did not pull her into a certain specialty, but she found that she could do the most as a general practitioner.

But first it was the family's turn. Marriage - 3 children. When the youngest was 10 years old, she founded a large group practice in Munich, with a mixture of conventional and alternative medicine. 

How did Dr. Mauermann come up with alternative medicine?

She woke up one morning and thought "That can't be all we do in conventional medicine: only diagnosing with devices and fighting symptoms."

The path led her to Vienna to Prof. Matthias Dorcsi (Chair of Homeopathy at the University of Vienna) and via Prof. Johannes Bischko (Chair of Acupuncture at the University of Vienna) to Auricular Medicine (Ear Acupuncture). 

Then there followed many weeks and weekends in a new world. The creative head of German auricular medicine was the now highly respected physician Dr. Frank Bahr. She owed a great deal to him. Actually, learning started all over again: meridians, connections, Chinese medicine, lasers, homeopathy. The human being - a miracle! And the holistic concept of healing people.

More and more often, it was found during the detailed examination of complex clinical pictures that there are connections between these pictures. Fascinatingly, these can be reduced to a few main causes, e.g. dental disorders, poisoning, energetic imbalances. Looking for these causes has been the main task of these doctors.

It is now a truism that we are all exposed to much more background levels than in the past, starting with the youngest child. This includes e.g.

  •   the changed cultivation of wheat (gluten intolerance)
  •   bred milk causing lactose intolerance
  •   Silver amalgam which contains mercury is one of the worst poisons that can be absorbed by the embryo in the womb

The counterargument is: "Not everyone is ill who has silver amalgam in his mouth". Absolutely right! And not everyone gets infected with the sick neighbor. Why? Because we are all individuals with a genetic predisposition and with different intra-uterine experiences, different childhood, different environmental stresses, habits, diet, etc..

Dr. Mauermann's personal detoxification story 

The video is still in german but will be translated soon.

In the 1960s, she lived with her husband and first daughter near a chemical factory. At that time there was still no environmental protection, i.e. no regulations for the reduction of exhaust gases - everything was blown out through the chimney. Sometimes, when the wind blew from the factory, the air tasted sticky, that was the chemistry.

Her young body could still bear this "first blow", but the "second blow" in the 70s made her very ill. This consisted in the permanent inhalation of poisonous gases evaporated from the wood preservative xylamone (this has long since been banned). She lived in a wooden house back then. At that time, the connections between chemistry and health were hardly known. 

At that time she suffered from terrible poisoning conditions: weakness, asthma, nausea, enormously swollen hands and feet and also the head. Her thyroid disintegrated (Hashimoto) and no one noticed it. The lab results were terrible. Dr. Mauermann did not find any help for a long time and she had no idea of the connections between the symptoms. Only through an environmental physician clarity came into the picture.  

She understood that she urgently needed to detoxify thoroughly to get well again. For this she mainly used the methods of Dr Hulda Clark (zapping), supplemented by vitamins, minerals, enzymes and base agents. 

Dr. Jutta Mauermann is now 89 years old. She has been detoxifying continuously, so she is doing well according to her age: mentally completely clear and active, she practices Yoga and Feldenkrais and at her age she still has enough energy to help people in her practice. She now passes on her experiences by writing books.