Dr. Hulda Clark

Portrait of Hulda Clark 

The biologist Dr Hulda Clark (1928-2009) continued the work of Raymond Royal Rife at the end of the 20th century and made frequency therapy popular. She exposed many viruses, bacteria and parasites as causes of disease and identified their natural frequencies using sophisticated techniques. According to DrClark, if the natural frequency of a pathogen is applied to the human body, this pathogen is negatively influenced. That's why she developed the parasite zapper.

Dr. Clark's frequency spectrum is in the kilohertz range (approx. 300-500 kHz), while the rife frequencies are mainly in the hertz range (20-10,000 Hz). Both frequency ranges are effective and are used today.

Hulda Clark operated several clinics in her home country USA. After the health authorities (FDA) made the treatment more and more difficult for her, she finally moved her healing center to Mexico.

The Hulda Clark Zapper was the abbreviation

Dr. Clark describes that she found so many pathogens in people that she finally had to treat every patient for many hours with her frequency generator until she had caught all the pathogens. Because each pathogen had its own frequency spectrum that she had to adjust at the frequency generator. That was very tedious.

She finally came up with the time-saving idea of reaching the entire spectrum of pathogens with one single frequency. The first Clark Zapper was born. It worked at a frequency around 30 kHz.

Dr. Clark used this frequency 7 minutes, then 20 minutes break, again 7 minutes frequency, 20 minutes break and a third time 7 minutes. This so-called 3x7 minute program became legendary because of its broadband effect and is still used today.

Dr Clark published the circuit diagram of the zapper so that their discoveries would be accessible to all. Many innovations have been developed from the original Clark zapper since the year 2000. Most of them are offered by the Diamond Shield Zapper, developed by practitioner Alan Baklayan.

The cures by Hulda Clark

Drawing of the black walnut in its green shell 

In addition to the zapper, Dr. Clark developed various cures to help the body detoxify:

  •   LINK Parasite cleanse
  •   Liver cleanse
  •   Kidney cleanse
  •   LINK Intestinal cure

These Clark cures are described in detail in her book LINK The cure for all deseases.

Parasite cleanse

Hulda Clark advised anyone who wants to clean themselves of parasites to use the parasite zapper and to take the classic remedies LINK wormwood and LINK cloves as capsules. In addition, she prescribed the LINK black walnut tincture from the shells of the American black walnut (Juglandis). Those who do not tolerate the black walnut tincture can switch to LINK black walnut capsules.

It is even easier to take Clark's parasite cure with all 3 remedies cloves, wormwood and walnut in the LINK herbal preparation "Juglandis". You can find out more on our page LINK Parasite cleanse.

To help the liver detoxify, she suggested taking amino acids such as LINK L-ornithine. It is taken in the evening before going to bed in order to have a better sleep (during detoxification).

Many people use Dr. Clark's parasite cleanse also for the deworming of their pets. They take the 3 parasite remedies in capsule form, open the capsules and sprinkle the powder contained in them into the animal feed.

Liver cleanse

Hulda Clark describes: The liver produces about 1 litre of bile daily. This is stored in the gallbladder and retrieved when fats or proteins are consumed. The bile then flows through fine channels that pass through the liver and does its job.

The liver channels can be blocked by gallstones, with negative effects on health. Anyone who has ever suffered the pain of disturbing gallstones can sing a song about it.

But gallstones are also a problem when they are small and you can't feel them yet. Because they impede the flow of bile and make it harder to digest fats and proteins. In addition, the accumulation pressure on the liver causes it to produce less bile. This is why regular liver cleansing is so important.

Die helfenden Hände eines Arztes halten eine stilisierte Leber

The original liver cleanse by Hulda Clark consists of the following ingredients:

  •   pink grapefruit
  •   olive oil
  •   epsom salts
  •   L-Ornithine

Dr. Clark recommended to perform the liver cleanse AFTER the parasite cleanse and kidney cleanse. This order should be followed - twice a year. Many of our customers carry out the liver cleanse more than twice a year. They report of small green stones in the chair.

Kidney cleanse by Hulda Clark

This kidney cure consists of various ingredients from which teas are made, which must then be stored in a cool place:

Kidney cleanse gold rod tincture black cherry concentrate
red Water Hemp ginger capsules vitamin B6
marshmallow root bearberry capsules magnesium oxide
parsley herb vegetable glycerin hydrangea root

Dr Clark's kidney cleanse is quite elaborate and complicated. Alternatively, you can also take our LINK kidney herbal tincture instead of the original Clark kidney cleanse. According to the motto: everything that is simple is done daily. Bearberry and gold rod are also included.

Intestinal cure

"Death sits in the intestine," wrote Paracelsus, who prescribed a regular intestinal cure. When the body has detoxified through the liver and excreted liquid through the kidneys and bladders, everything ends up in the intestine. It makes sense that people can only really do well if their intestines are "clean" and function well.

Therefore a regular intestinal cure with capsules is recommended. See our page LINK intestinal repair.

This intestinal program is so simple that you can easily integrate it into your everyday life. You just take 1 capsule each in the morning.

More information

The books of Hulda Clark

Das Buch Heilung ist möglich von Dr. Hulda Clark

It was Dr Clark's great achievement to research and clarify the connections between diseases, pathogens and environmental toxins. These fascinating connections are explained in detail in her books. It was a matter of concern to her that every person could treat himself with her methods. That's why their works have become so popular.

An erster Stelle steht das Standardwerk Heilung ist möglich. Dieses enthält auch sämtliche Frequenzen der Clark Therapie. Zum Thema Krebs veröffentlichte sie die Bücher Heilverfahren aller Krebsarten und Heilung aller fortgeschrittenen Krebsarten.

In the first place stands the standard work LINK The cure for all deseases. This also contains all Clark frequencies. On the subject of cancer she published the books LINK Heilverfahren aller Krebsarten and LINK Heilung aller fortgeschrittenen Krebsarten.

In these books Hulda Clark describes countless practical measures to achieve more health and well-being without side effects. Many tips and recipes to protect yourself from parasites and environmental toxins in everyday life. 

This gentle system has proven its effectiveness to this day. It is based on the knowledge that diseases are caused by parasites, bacteria and viruses. The books are quite voluminous because they also describe numerous practical cases. 

Dr. Clark founded the American Clark Center for the implementation of her therapy and the further development of her research. She also invented the Syncrometer, a measuring device for testing parasites, bacteria, fungi and environmental toxins. Reliable testing with the Syncrometer is only possible with a lot of experience and good training. Therefore we recommend to attend a seminar to learn how to use the Syncrometer thoroughly.

Videos with Dr Clark

(english, 4 parts)

If you watch the video on youtube, after the end of the first one the second one automatically appears and so on.

You can see Dr. Clark testing with the syncrometer. She tells us how she tests food, for example a banana, in order to find out whether it is contaminated.

She first tested her patient for parasites, bacteria and viruses. Then she tested food, cosmetics and household products for solvents, other environmental toxins and moulds. If she found those that harm her patient, she forbade the further use of this drug or that food.