Constant current control

Previously, users of advanced zapper models could adjust the output voltage according to their individual current sensitivity. However, one problem remained: with a fixed output voltage (Volt), the current strength (Ampere) depends on the skin resistance, i.e. on the individual moisture and conductivity of the user's skin, and on the moistening of the electrodes.

During application, the skin resistance changes and the electrodes become drier. That means the resistance will increase. If the voltage is set to a fixed value, the current intensity drops. 

You set e.g. 6 Volt, there flows a current of 0.2 mA in the beginning. If the resistance increases in the course of the application, the current drops. It can even happen that no measurable current flows at all! This can explain why even the right frequencies do not bring the desired success.

To solve this problem, the Rife machine Diamond Shield has a constant current control. The current is set in amperes instead of volts. You set this in the SETTING menu: "Cons current yes".

Man sieht eine Abbildung des Displays vom Zapper Diamond Shield

If, for example, you set a current strength of 1 milliampère, this amperage is kept constant - regardless of whether the skin or electrodes become drier or wetter over time. You can even see on the display how the voltage changes (automatic adjustment), while the amperage remains constant.

The zapper must no give out more and more voltage as the resistance increases to maintain the set amperage. Figuratively: It has to build up more and more "pressure" to push the electrons through the cable. 

But now it can happen that the rising voltage (volt) becomes unpleasant for you. Then you should reduce the amperage.