Colon cleanse

Already Paracelsus knew: "Death sits in the bowels". Because it is our most important digestive organ. The better the intestine is in good shape, the more efficiently all nutrients are absorbed. Furthermore, waste products of metabolic processes are detoxified better.

In order to function properly, the intestine must of course be clean. Our natural colon cleanse products are easy to take and well bioavailable.

Secondly, our colon needs a certain number of "good" microorganisms such as Lactobacillus or Acidophilus. This is called a healthy intestinal flora which is the basis of good health. It affects everyone, because we all have to digest well in order to survive and to have lots of vital energy. 

Scientists are finding evidence that the intestine actually functions like our second brain: with countless nerve cells and large connections to the brain. A weighty reason for us to take regular care of our bowel.