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Colloidal Zinc

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Product information "Colloidal Zinc"


The effect of Colloidal Zinc is described in our ebook " Colloidal Minerals and trace elements ". It was thoroughly revised in 2023 and has 142 pages. You can download it directly here: Ebook-on-Colloidal-minerals-5th-edition

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  •   colloidal zinc at the highest purity level: 99.999%. Contains only pure zinc and distilled water.
  •   the zinc concentration is high: at least 88 ppm. ppm means "parts per million" and is the usual indication of the concentration of a substance. 88 ppm means: 88 mg zinc in 1 litre (water).
  •   the zinc particles are ultra-fine. Ultra-fine means that the inner surface and thus the effective area is larger.
  •   the content of the light-protecting blue glass bottle Colloidal zinc is 100 or 200 ml. You can choose the quantity above below the price.
  •   produced with the innovative method of proton resonance.

Zinc in the body

The human body contains 2-3 grams of zinc, which can be found everywhere in the body. The highest levels are found in muscles, liver, kidneys, bones and prostate. This makes zinc the second most abundant trace element in the organism. Children, adolescents, pregnant women, nursing mothers and old people need more zinc. Likewise sportsmen, because it gets lost by sweating.

For humans the trace element zinc is essential, thus vital. However, they cannot form it themselves but must take it up with food and/or supplement.

Allergy sufferers often avoid foods to which they could be allergic, such as milk and dairy products, eggs, meat and pulses. These foods, however, contain a lot of zinc. This results in an undersupply of zinc, which is particularly important for allergy sufferers because it can inhibit histamine production and increase the sensitivity threshold.

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Zinc is indispensable for

  •   energy and performance
  •   the regeneration of the body
  •   the activity of the immune system
  •   cell renewal and building, e.g. muscles
  •   potency and fertility
  •   the functioning of over 200 enzymes, e.g. for the hormone system and metabolism
  •   the solid structure of ribonucleic acids and deoxyribonucleic acids (DNA)
  •   the transmission of stimulus signals
  •   cell protection: it prevents foreign molecules from docking to the cell membrane

Zinc deficiency

You can find out if your body has a zinc deficiency by analysing the minerals in your blood. The decisive factor, however, is not the zinc value in the blood, but the zinc concentration in the cells

You can also determine a possible zinc deficiency from the following zinc deficiency list. 

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The following symptoms can occur with a zinc deficiency:

  •   fatigue despite sufficient sleep  
  •   increased susceptibility to infections, weak immune system
  •   poor wound healing
  •   lack of concentration
  •   inflammatory skin diseases, e.g. acne
  •   dry, scaly skin
  •   zinc deficiency dermatitis: reddening of the skin and pustules, especially in the face, fingers and anal and genital areas
  •   reduced performance and endurance
  •   growth disorders in children and adolescents
  •   hair loss, decreasing hair quality
  •   broken nails
  •   potency disorders, reduced fertility
  •   reduced sensory perception (taste, smell)
  •   motor disorders
  •   mood swings, states of anxiety 
  •   insomnia

Zinc deficiency cannot be remedied overnight, as is possible with vitamin C deficiency, for example. Continuous intake is important for the body. Conversely, however, the zinc concentration in the blood drops to up to 50% only 12 hours after a completely zinc-free main meal. Taking zinc is important for the immune system, among other things.

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Colloidal Zinc in Cosmetics

If we have enough zinc in our body, our hair, nails and skin are better. The trace element determines how we look. With zinc we can improve our beauty. zinc makes us beautiful, just like silicon.

Taking zinc is not only important for our beauty, but also for the immune system and cell health. When our body is healthy, we have colour and radiate energy - beauty from within. 


Zinc-containing foods such as beef, shrimps, Emmentaler and pulses 

Why zinc in colloidal form?

The soil used to be rich in zinc. The formation of glaciers during the Ice Age, however, washed out large parts of the metals and minerals found in the soil. Intensive agriculture and monocultures did the rest to reduce the concentrations of precious trace elements in the soil.

In addition, many zinc-containing foods such as beef, shrimps and oysters are expensive. And in most cereal products, the husk of the grain is removed. But it is precisely this that contains the most zinc.

Furthermore, part of the zinc that we ingest through food is lost because the bioavailability of digestion is not optimal.

Zinc containing food

  •   pulses, especially chickpeas
  •   nuts
  •   wholemeal cereal products
  •   beef
  •   emmental cheese
  •   seafood, especially shrimps and oysters

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Zinc as element

Zink (Zn) ist ein bläulich-weißes, sprödes Metall. In der Natur ist es fast immer in Erzen gebunden. Unter diesen spielen die Zinksulfiderze mit ca. 65% Zinkgehalt die größte Rolle – sowohl in der Häufigkeit als auch in der Verarbeitung. Kolloidales Zink wird aus reinem, sprödem Zink hergestellt. Und zwar mit dem innovativen Verfahren der Protonenresonanz.

More colloidal minerals

We offer you 27 further minerals in colloidal form, e.g. silver, copper, magnesium or platinum. Also colloidal oils like Colloidal zinc oil, silver oil or magnesium oil. We always pay attention to the maximum purity level and minimum particle size.

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Customer reviews for "Colloidal Zinc"
Kash Irfan 29 Mar 2022

Very effective

Works very well, and quite potent, only a couple drops needed for me. Whenever low in zinc, this always tops me up.

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