Colloidal silver generator Sikolator
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Colloidal silver generator Sikolator

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Product information "Colloidal silver generator Sikolator"

On our page Colloidal Silver you can learn more about this ingenious and versatile product.

With the Colloidal silver generator Sikolator you can produce colloidal silver in concentrations up to 30 ppm*. The Sikolator is operated directly from the mains, which makes the use of batteries superfluous.

The current flow, which depends on the conductivity of the water used, is automatically measured and indicated by the LEDs. So you have optimal control over the concentration of silver with any type of demineralized or distilled water.

You can determine the duration of the production yourself and set it accordingly on the device. The Colloidal silver maker Sicolator switches off automatically at the end of the programmed duration.

The Sikolator has a unique property

The current flow is limited to 4 mA (microAmperes) to avoid uncontrolled deposition of large silver particles. The colloidal silver is therefore finer, more effective and better tolerated.

The Colloidal silver machine Sikolator is supplied ready to use with silver electrodes and a glass for the silver production. The supplied silver electrodes are made of fine silver with at least 99.99% silver content. You only need demineralized or distilled water. When the silver rods are used up, you can simply order new ones.

With the Colloidal silver generator Sikolator you will receive instructions for production and use.

Colloidal silver can be taken orally or externally. For external use, you can order special spray bottles for the skin, nose, throat or eyes.

* The silver concentration values given here (ppm) are based on a conductivity value of the room temperature distilled water of 8 microSiemens at 20 degrees Celsius and 50% humidity at 700m sea level. The values are confirmed by a specialized and state-approved german laboratory.

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