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Colloidal Silicon

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Product information "Colloidal Silicon"

The effect of Colloidal Silicon is described in our book "Colloidal Minerals and trace elements". It was thoroughly revised in 2023 and has 142 pages. You can download it directly here: Ebook-on-Colloidal-minerals-5th-edition

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  •   You can buy colloidal silicon from us at the highest purity level: 99.999%. Contains only pure silicon and distilled water.
  •   The silicon concentration is highly dosed: at least 50 ppm. ppm means "parts per million" and is the usual indication of the concentration of a substance. 50 ppm means: 50 mg silicon in 1 litre (water).
  •   The silicon particles are ultra-fine. Ultra-fine means that the inner surface and thus the effective area is larger.
  •   The content of the light-protecting blue glass bottle Colloidal silicon is 100 or 200 ml. You can choose the quantity above below the price. 
  •   Produced with the innovative method of proton resonance.

Silicon in the body

The human body contains about 1-2 grams of silicon. It is therefore the third most common trace element in the organism after iron and zinc.

The quantity decreases with increasing age. In contrast to the bulging, elastic baby body, the body of the aging person becomes increasingly wrinkled. The bones shrink, the skin slackens and becomes wrinkled, the hair becomes thinner, the nails more fragile.

Silicon is essential for humans. However, it cannot form itself, but must be taken up with food and/or supplements.

You can see a lump of pure silicon

Silicon is indispensable

The body needs silicon to build and maintain

  •   bones
  •   cartilage
  •   connective tissue (collagen synthesis)
  •   skin
  •   hair
  •   nails
  •   elasticity and strength of arterial and venous walls
  •   activity of the immune system
  •   cell renewal and cell build-up

Why silicon in colloidal form?

A large part of the silicon that is ingested through plant food (e.g. nettles and horsetail) passes through the digestive tract and is excreted through the kidneys and intestines without being ingested by the cells. This is because the molecules are very large. Bioavailability is therefore quite poor.

Also the processing of the silicon-containing food is to blame for the fact that we take up too little silicon over the food. Example: in the production of most cereal products (except whole grains), the husk of the grain is removed although it contains a lot of the important trace element.

In nature, silicon hardly occurs isolated, but mostly bound to oxygen. Silica terra is the best known form of silicon absorption. However, due to the size of the molecules, our cells can only absorb about 5% of the silicon supplied.

In colloidal silicon, however, the particles are about 10,000 times smaller. Thus the trace element can be almost completely absorbed, it has a high bioavailability.

Silicon deficiency

The following symptoms can occur with a lack of silicon:

  •   reduced bone growth and bone stability (osteoporosis)
  •   cartilage wear
  •   connective tissue weakness, e.g. cellulite
  •   thin and few hairs
  •   brittle nails
  •   skin problems, e.g. acne
  •   reduced performance and endurance
  •   weakened immune system
  •   irregular digestion (e.g. flatulence, constipation)

By blood analysis of the minerals you can determine how your silicon status is.

Laughing woman grabs her beautiful, long hair


Silicon makes a decisive contribution to what we look like. Beautiful hair and nails, stable connective tissue and firm skin are the wishes of many women. With colloidal silicon they can achieve this efficiently. Silicon makes beautiful!

We also offer colloidal silicon oil and monoatomic silicon.

But also the organs need silicon. That is why taking colloidal silicon is not only good for beauty, it is also a cornerstone of health.



Glittering rock crystal with many beautiful sprouts

Silicon as an element

Silicon is (after oxygen) the second most abundant element in the earth's crust, accounting for about 25% of it. As silicon oxide it is the main component of many minerals, e.g. quartz, rock crystal, amethyst, agate, jasper and opal. Together with other metals, it forms silicates, which in turn are constituents of minerals such as mica, feldspar, asbestos, clay, slate, etc..

Numerous plants such as horsetail and bamboo contain silicon dioxide, which gives them additional stability for their growth. Silicic acid is the name given to the oxygen acids of silicon. Silicic acid can be found in all waters, also in drinking water - as well as in all animal and vegetable body fluids.

Microorganisms in the soil ensure that minerals such as silicon are provided for food intake. But monocultures and the use of toxins destroy and reduce these microorganisms. As a result, less silicon is available in food than in the past.

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