Two blue glass bottles of different sizes, with bright label that says Ionic Nickel. 99.94% pure nickel in double distilled water.
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Colloidal Nickel

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Product information "Colloidal Nickel"

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Our "Ionic Nickel" has a concentration of at least 65 ppm.

Purity 99.94%. Our Colloidal Nickel contains only pure nickel particles in double distilled water and is free of additives and preservatives. It has a high ionic content.

Our Colloidal Nickel has a long shelf life. It retains its full effectiveness for at least 12 months while closed and 10 months once opened (if stored appropriately).

- Highest quality - good reviews

- Includes free ebook about colloids

The bottle contains 100ml and is made of light-protective blue glass. Please store at room temperature and as dark as possible, because light weakens the effect in the long run. Keep away from electrosmog and magnetic fields.

Made with proton resonance

Our Ionic Nickel is produced with a novel process that ensures the highest quality: proton resonance. In contrast to the classical process of electrolysis, the starting material nickel is vibrated in such a way that it disintegratesinto the smallest particles.

Produced by Tec2future. You can find out more about the special properties of colloids on our Colloidal minerals page



Our Colloidal Nickel is very productive - a few drops daily are enough. 

You can rub it directly into your skin, preferably on the inside of your forearms.  

How does Colloidal Nickel work?

The effect of Colloidal Nickel works is described in our book "Colloidal Minerals and trace elements". It was thoroughly revised in 2020 and has 132 pages. You can download it directly here: eBook-on-colloidal-minerals-and-monoatomic-elements-3rd-edition.


Customer reviews for "Colloidal Nickel"
Kash Irfan 29 Mar 2022

Well made

10/10. I was deficienct in this according to HMTA. It has been great for my nervous systems and for balancing other minerals.

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