Monatomic elements

While colloidal minerals work mainly on the physical level, monatomic elements can be used on the mental and psychological level. Many people also use them for their spiritual development, which can be accelerated e.g. by monoatomic gold. 

The monatomic elements are produced from highly concentrated colloidal minerals. Their extraordinary purity ensures the high quality of our 20 monatomic elements.

Besides the 6 monoatomic elements, which you can see below as articles, we can deliver 14 more on request. These are listed alphabetically at the bottom of this page. The properties and effects of the monatomic elements and colloidal minerals are described in detail in our ebook Colloidal minerals that you can request free of charge by email.

Below you will find a comparison table between monoatomic elements and colloidal minerals. We also offer colloidal oils.

Comparison table for monatomic elements and colloidal minerals

Monatomic elementsColloidal minerals
Work on a spiritual-psychological level.
Energetic. Spiritually
Work on a physiological, physical level
Hardly any bond bridges.
At the few colloidal particles
the individual atoms adhere.
Bond bridges connect atoms
to particles of max. 10-30 atoms
(depending on element)
You can take all at once.
Keep a distance of 15 minutes
between the colloidal minerals
No distance to irritants
to be observed
to be observed a distance of 15 min.
to stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and vinegar
Once to twice 7 drops per day Once to twice daily 8-30 drops
(depending on which colloidal mineral)
Use up to 3 at the same time Use up to 7 at the same time
High energy consumption
during production
Average energy consumption
during production 

More monatomic elements

We can supply these on request. They all have the same size 100ml and the same price 99,- €.  

  •   boron
  •   chrome
  •   iridium 
  •   copper 
  •   osmium
  •   palladium 
  •   rhodium
  •   ruthenium
  •   silver 
  •   silicon 
  •   vanadium
  •   zinc
  •   tin
  •   zircon