Monoatomic elements

All monoatomic elements are available in two sizes: 30ml and 100ml. All on special offer now! 

While colloidal minerals work mainly on the physical level, monoatomic elements can be used for mind and soul (comparison table see below). Many people also use the monatomics for spiritual development - which can be accelerated by monatomic gold, for example.

Monatomics have a positive influence on mind and soul in a wide variety of ways. How the monoatomic elements work can be found in our eBook-on-colloidal-minerals-and-monoatomic-elements-3rd-edition (free download).

More monatomic elements

Besides the 6 monatomics which you can order directly, we can deliver 14 more on request. Just send us an email to order.

We can supply these on request - in 30ml or 100ml, all with the same price.

  •   boron
  •   chrome
  •   iridium 
  •   copper 
  •   osmium
  •   palladium 
  •   rhodium
  •   ruthenium
  •   silver 
  •   silicon 
  •   vanadium
  •   zinc
  •   tin
  •   zircon 

Comparison table for monatomic elements and colloidal minerals

Monatomic elementsColloidal minerals
Work on a spiritual-psychological level.
Energetic. Spiritually
Work on a physiological, physical level
Hardly any bond bridges.
At the few colloidal particles
the individual atoms adhere.
Bond bridges connect atoms
to particles of max. 10-30 atoms
(depending on element)
You can take all at once.
Keep a distance of 15 minutes
between the colloidal minerals
No distance to irritants
to be observed
to be observed a distance of 15 min.
to stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and vinegar
Once to twice 7 drops per day Once to twice daily 8-30 drops
(depending on which colloidal mineral)
Use up to 3 at the same time Use up to 7 at the same time
High energy consumption
during production
Average energy consumption
during production