Colloidal silver generator

Benefit from the following advantages

  •  From 3 litres of colloidal silver you save money with the purchase of the colloidal silver generator

  •  Colloidal silver retains its full effectiveness for a limited time. If you produce it yourself, you always have fresh colloidal silver in your house and therefore optimum effectiveness

  •  You have the security of receiving colloidal silver without additives

  •  You decide which concentration of colloidal silver you want

Read below frequently asked questions about the production of colloidal silver. You can also buy ready-made colloidal silver.

FAQ on making colloidal silver

How long do the silver electrodes last?

For approx. 200-300 litres of colloidal silver (at 5 ppm). The electrodes dissolve gradually. If they are too thin (1.5mm), they become unusable. New electrodes can be ordered here.

Which water should be used for making colloidal silver?

The purest colloidal silver is produced with distilled, heated water without the addition of salt. A little less pure results can be achieved with purified water or with osmosis water. Fresh spring water contains many minerals that would pollute the silver production, so it is not advisable to use it here.

Should salt be added for making colloidal silver?

It is not advisable to add salt at all, as salt and silver form undesirable compounds, e.g. silver nitrate. This is the form of silver that in the past caused argyria (skin discoloration) in some patients. Pure colloidal silver, taken according to medical indications, avoids this effect.

Can the colloidal silver machine also produce colloidal gold and other colloidal minerals?

No, not in sufficient concentration. Colloidal gold can be produced with a colloidal silver machine only in very low concentrations, i.e. in the range of ppb (parts per billion), i.e. thousands of times less concentrated than silver. This low concentration would be without any effect.

The reason: Gold ions are much more difficult to remove from their metal lattice than silver ions. In order produce colloidal gold with a colloidal silver maker in ppm concentrations, an extremely strong generator with dangerously high voltages would be required. Moreover, pure gold electrodes are very expensive (several hundred euros per pair on sale).

The same applies to other metals and elements. Therefore, we recommend to purchase colloidal gold and other colloidal minerals ready-made.