Colloidal oils

Thanks to the innovative manufacturing process of proton resonance, it is now possible to dissolve minerals and trace elements directly in colloidal oil.

With 1000ppm (equivalent to 1 per mille) our colloidal oils have a very high concentration. And the particles are so small that they can pass through the skin. Our colloidal oils consist of 99.99% of the respective element and native sunflower oil. 

Colloidal oils are particularly suitable for application on the skin. They are not intended for oral use (except the ozonated olive oil). Our colloidal oils have a shelf life of 14 months. They should be stored in the dark and protected from microwaves and strong magnetic fields.

Colloidal oils have a similar effect to colloidal minerals - see our free ebook - just order by email. We also offer monoatomic elements similar to colloids.