Colloidal gold

Colloidal gold, also called gold water, is a pure, natural substance. Gold has been used for body and soul for thousands of years. Now, with the sharing of knowledge worldwide, knowledge of the beneficial effects of colloidal and monoatomic gold continues to spread. More and more people are recognising the benefits of gold for their health, mood and personal development.

Unlike synthetic agents, colloidal gold consists of a simple composition: tiny gold particles (high ionic content) in double distilled water.

Colloidal gold is versatile. Whether for adults, children, animals or plants - it has numerous advantages in its application. You can learn more about it in our book about colloidal minerals and their modes of action. You can download it directly here eBook-on-Colloidal-minerals-5th-edition. If you have any questions, just call or read the FAQ section below.

Colloidal Gold

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Colloidal Gold Oil

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Monatomic Gold

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Colloidal gold of the highest quality

With us you will find pure colloidal gold with smallest particles and high ion content. It has a concentration of 55 ppm and is available in 2 sizes: 100ml and 200ml.

You can use the colloidal gold oil for the skin. It has a superior efficacy due to the high concentration of 1000 ppm.

And the monatomic gold is quasi the ultimate refinement of the element gold, especially effective for brain, mind and soul.

These are your advantages at Alternative Medicine shop

  •   Top quality and years of experience in the production and handling of gold colloids and monoatomars
  •   Production using the most modern method, proton resonance
  •   100 % natural and highly pure: Production under protected conditions with 99.99 % colloidal purity and double distilled water
  •   Ideal gold particle sizes and distribution due to our electro-physical manufacturing process
  •   Best customer ratings!
  •   Supplied in optimally protective blue glass bottle for optimal storage at homePractical dropper insert, which can also be removed if required
  •   Made in Germany

Findings of the advanced civilisations

The Sumerians and the Egyptians already had great experience with gold. They used the precious metal to treat many different illnesses. Gold was said to have beneficial effects on the preservation of physical, mental and spiritual powers. The goal was inner balance.

Golden Egyptian pharaoh mask. Gold as a catalyst on the path of spiritual development towards immortality


In Egypt, gold water was reserved for priests and pharaohs and was supposed to help them support their own development of consciousness on the path to self-realisation. They pursued the goal of realising their higher self in this world in order to leave the cycle of rebirths in the afterlife and attain immortality. The pyramids are evidence of their striving for self-realisation and immortality.

The Egyptians saw themselves as children of the sun god Horus. Both gold and sunlight had to be present on earth for life to arise. And to make the deceased pharaohs immortal, they gave them burial gifts of 24-carat gold.

Other advanced civilisations

The Incas and Mayas saw gold as the mineral of the sun: they believed that taking gold would increase our capacity to absorb essential life energy from sunlight.

Gold is also a time-honoured elixir in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine: in China, it is still not uncommon today to include a gold coin in the meal. And Chinese acupuncture has been using gold needles for thousands of years to stimulate meridians via acupuncture points.

According to tradition, Buddha attained enlightenment under a fig tree. According to recent findings, figs contain a very high concentration of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone whose release is stimulated by the pineal gland.


The great physician and alchemist Paracelsus wrote: "Among all elixirs, gold is the highest and the most important for us".

Until recently, the knowledge of gold was reserved for alchemists and initiates of secret societies. These enjoyed the rare privilege of studying the ancient lore and writings.

Gold in modern medicine

Gold is also used in biochemistry and medical technology. The gold particles serve 

  •   to mark proteins
  •   in rapid tests
  •   as a carrier material for the gene gun (DNA is "shot" into cells)
  •   for gold-labelled antibodies in electron microscopy

FAQ about collodal gold

Where does the idea of using gold for health come from?

Already in ancient Egypt, the precious metal was used to preserve and restore the body, soul and spirit. Likewise, gold is found in the form of an elixir in Chinese and Indian medicine. Last but not least, it became known in the western world through the famous healer Paracelsus.

What can I use colloidal gold for?

You can learn all about the ingenious application possibilities of colloidal gold in the eBook about colloidal minerals and monoatomic elements by Dr. med. Jutta Mauermann.

Why is gold used in cosmetics?

Gold has a high biological compatibility and shows a long-lasting durability. This can be seen, among other things, in its use as inlays, i.e. dental fillings in dentistry. They last a very long time. And allergic reactions in connection with gold occur extremely rarely.

This is exactly why gold is also very popular in cosmetics. It binds up to three times its own weight in moisture, which is good for the skin.

As colloidal gold oil, it provides the skin with lasting moisture and promotes a shiny and radiant appearance. Gold also stimulates cell renewal and collagen production, which can reduce wrinkles.

How is your colloidal gold made?

We, Alternative Medicine health shop, produce our colloids using vibrations, an electro-physical process also known as "proton resonance". In this process, the starting materials are excited with their natural oscillation and split off into the desired particle size and partially charged.

Furthermore, proton resonance enables the colloidal dissolution of elements that cannot be transformed into a colloid at all by simple electrolysis. Examples are sulphur, calcium or carbon.

What should I look for when buying colloidal gold?

First of all: The purity of the product and the ingredients used. It also depends on the manufacturing method used in the production of the colloidal gold water. However, you can distinguish a good product from a bad one by the following clues:

Appearance: The smaller the particles, the better, because the smaller the gold colloids occur in the double-distilled water, the larger the contact area and thus the greater the effect. For this very reason, the gold water should be clear and odourless. If you hold a cloudy product in your hand, you can draw conclusions about an impure production, which speaks for an inferior quality of the product.

Gold concentration: When buying, it is also important to choose the right concentration, because this is decisive for the effect of the colloidal gold. At Alternativ Gesund, we offer a high-quality product with 55 ppm. The simple reason for this is that, based on experience, this is the optimal concentration for most application needs.

Thanks to innovative proton resonance, we are able to provide the gold colloids in highly concentrated tiny particles. This is what makes the product so valuable. Many lower-dosed products cannot even reach this ppm concentration in purely technical terms, as the voltage required for electrolysis would be far too high. Our colloidal gold water can therefore be dosed much more sparingly. In addition, our product comes in a safe blue glass bottle, which protects the colloidal gold water from electrosmog and harmful light radiation. Therefore, it is no problem to store the product normally on your kitchen shelf at home.

Water quality: One of the most important points for the production of colloids, because the quality of the water is fundamental for an effective and pure gold water. In order not to risk any impurities in the production process, double distilled water is used in proton resonance. This is to avoid the formation of impure salt particles during the production of the colloids and also has the perfect conductivity of < 10 µS/cm and a pH value of 5 to 7.

Can colloidal gold also be drunk?

Here we refer directly to the eBook about colloidal minerals and monoatomic elements. There you will learn everything about applications and intake regulations.

Why does your colloidal gold not have any colouring?

This is due to our production method of proton resonance. Since our particles are very small and below a particle size of 5 nm, there is no visible discolouration of the gold water.

The tiny nanoparticles can then appear in the water with a much higher number of particles and serve a larger ionisation surface with the same ppm content. So you get higher efficacy and quality without a red or pink discolouration.

Can I produce colloidal gold myself?

The problem is that gold particles are about 1000 times more difficult to detach from their metal lattice than silver particles. Therefore, only very low gold concentrations in the ppb range (parts per billion) are produced by using commercially available silver generators.

To produce colloidal gold in the ppm range by electrolysis, one needs a device with high, life-threatening voltages.

What else speaks against the own production of colloidal gold: the pure gold electrodes are expensive to buy.

So benefit from our innovative production method and the resulting high quality gold water, which not only has the highest purity, but is also very highly concentrated thanks to the fine nano-colloid particles.

What is the difference between colloidal and monoatomic gold?

On the one hand, the difference lies in the particle size: monatomic gold contains predominantly SINGLE atoms, i.e. it has a monoatomic state of aggregation. Colloidal gold, on the other hand, consists of groups of 10-30 atoms, depending on the element.