Two blue glass bottles of different sizes, with bright label that says Ionic Magnesium. 99.95% pure magnesium in double distilled water.
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Colloidal Manganese

Article number: 1501016.100

40.90 €
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Content: 0.1 Liter (409.00 € * / 1 Liter)

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Product information "Colloidal Manganese"

We offer colloidal manganese in a light-protecting blue glass bottle in two different sizes: 100ml or 200ml. You can choose the size below the price above.

Contains only pure manganese and distilled water. The manganese concentration is at least 50 ppm. 

Produced with the innovative method of proton resonance.

Click on the green button to learn more about colloidal manganese and the properties of our colloidal minerals. How colloidal manganese works can be found in our free ebook on colloidal minerals - just order by email free of charge!


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