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Colloidal Iron

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Product information "Colloidal Iron"

Purchasing Colloidal Iron

The iron concentration is at least 65 ppm, the content of the light-protecting blue-glass bottle is 100 ml.

Contains only pure iron and distilled water. Produced with the innovative method of proton resonance.

The effect of Colloidal Iron is described in our ebook " Colloidal Minerals and trace elements ". It was thoroughly revised in 2023 and has 142 pages. You can download it directly here: Ebook-on-Colloidal-minerals-5th-edition

Click on the green button to learn more about the properties of our colloidal minerals. How colloidal iron works can be found in our "Book about colloids" (order free of charge by email)


Iron in the body

Women (before menopause) generally have a higher iron requirement than men because they regularly lose blood during menstruation. Therefore, women should take about 13-25mg iron daily (depending on blood loss), men only 10-12mg.

Iron is an essential, vital trace element. The total iron content of the body of an adult is approx. 4,000-5,000mg. These are distributed as follows:

  •   in haemoglobin approx. 2.500mg
  •   in the iron depots approx. 1.000mg
  •   in myoglobin approx. 130mg
  •   in serum iron approx. 80mg
  •   in ferrous enzymes approx. 8mg

Iron forms compounds with other substances in the body and is therefore not stored in isolation. In the blood serum, iron and its compounds are transported bound to transverrin. Normally, transferrin is saturated to one third with iron, but it can also absorb more iron - especially when there is a iron deficiency. (Source: Pschyrembel medical dictionary)


Long-term iron deficiency leads to so-called "anaemia". This consists of a reduced haemoglobin concentration in the blood. Haemoglobin is a protein that distributes oxygen through the bloodstream in our body. It is found in the red blood cells (erythrocytes).

Anaemia therefore means that the oxygen is no longer transported as well by the blood. The body usually tries to compensate for this with a higher heart rate. 

The symptoms of anaemia are

  •   reduced performance
  •   lack of concentration
  •   pale skin
  •   constipation
  •   breathing difficulties
  •   headaches
  •   brittle nails
  •   hair loss

Dangerous symptoms can occur with prolonged anaemia: Fainting spells, shortness of breath, heart attacks, sweating, anxiety and nausea.

Iron in food

The following are regarded as particularly ferrous

  •   blood sausage
  •   liver
  •   legumes
  •   wholemeal bread

However, if you take milk products, coffee or black tea at the same time, iron absorption will be inhibited. (Source: Wikipedia/Iron)

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