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Colloidal Gold

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Product information "Colloidal Gold"

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The concentration of our colloidal gold is at least 55 ppm (parts per million). This is a high concentration compared to other products which often only have 10 ppm. From 10 ppm you must take 5.5 times the amount of colloidal gold as from our product.

Our innovative manufacturing process ensures the best quality: Proton resonance allows the material to be processed to produce the smallest gold particles. These gold particles are dissolved in distilled water and have no coloration.

The content of the light-protecting blue glass bottle Colloidal Gold is 100 or 200 ml. You can choose the quantity above below the price.

Colloidal Gold can be applied orally and externally.

Highest quality and purity, fast shipping, delivery with free book - good reasons to buy colloidal gold from us.

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Colloidal silver with its ingenious possibilities is already well known. Nowadays, besides colloidal silver, there is an increasing interest in colloidal gold. People are looking for products that have a variety of effects - without side effects.

Colloidal gold with fascinating effects

The effect of Colloidal Gold is described in our ebook " Colloidal Minerals and trace elements ". It was thoroughly revised in 2023 and has 142 pages. You can download it directly here: Ebook-on-Colloidal-minerals-5th-edition

Imagine tiny gold particles dissolved in pure distilled water. These particles are in a permanent state of suspension, created by the electric charge of the gold particles. As a result, they repel each other permanently.

Due to this state of floating particles, colloidal gold can optimally unfold its effect in the organism. Colloidal liquids are already naturally present in our organism: Blood and lymph are also colloidal fluids. This is why our body can absorb gold so well when it is in a colloidal state. 

Properties of gold

  •   soft metal with high density
  •   chemically extremely inert
  •   high electrical conductivity
  •   rare and therefore valuable

Schematic drawing of the brain with the pineal gland as its center

The pineal gland

Our limbic system controls our moods and feelings. It regulates our mental performance through our motivation to learn - by making situations and consequences of our actions appear desirable and undesirable. In this way it influences our abilities and potentials.

The pineal gland (epiphysis) stimulates the pituitary gland to secrete the happiness hormone serotonin. With this our brain rewards successful learning processes as well as positive learning results and experiences. In this way, the brain can ensure that we are motivated to develop further.

According to recent findings, the epiphysis and pituitary gland perform important tasks in controlling our entire hormonal balance. Our hormonal balance is, so to speak, the "interface" between mind and matter: Physically and chemically verifiable hormones trigger perceptible emotional states in us and thus control our inner balance, our moods and our motivation.

There are many indications that the epiphysis has regressed in parallel with technological progress. It is now only a fraction of its original size. Supporting the pineal gland is therefore more important than ever today.

The epiphysis is located in the middle of the head and is considered to be an important organ in controlling our perception, our emotional world as well as in the emergence of consciousness, knowledge, spirit and the urge for personal development. The epiphysis is also known as the "Third Eye".

Colloidal gold spiritual benefits

Golden Egyptian Pharaoh mask

Findings from early advanced civilizations

Already the Sumerians and the ancient Egyptians had experience with colloidal gold. They used the precious metal for physical and mental illnesses. Gold was said to have beneficial effects on the preservation of physical, mental and spiritual powers. Complete inner balance was the goal.


In Egypt, colloidal gold was reserved for priests and pharaohs to help them develop their own consciousness. They pursued the goal of realizing their higher self in this world in order to step out of the cycle of rebirths in the hereafter and attain immortality. The pyramids are witnesses of their striving for self-realization and immortality.

Today it is known that gold is created by the fusion of neutron stars in the universe. If one compares this with Egyptian mythology, one can find indications that the Egyptians already knew how gold is created and that it was an important prerequisite for the creation of life on earth.

The Egyptians saw themselves as children of the sun god Horus. Both colloidal gold and sunlight had to be present on earth for life to arise. Both forms of energy cannot be produced on earth, because here is not enough natural energy to initiate the chemical processes. It is hardly surprising that the grave goods of the Pharaohs were made of 24 carat gold. 

Other cultures

The Incas and Mayans saw gold as the mineral of the sun: they believed that taking gold would increase their capacity to absorb essential life energy from sunlight. 

Even in traditional Chinese and Indian medicine, gold is a well-tried elixir: In China it is not uncommon to include a gold coin in a meal. Chinese acupuncture has been using gold needles for thousands of years to stimulate meridians through their points.

Buddha attained enlightenment under a fig tree. Figs contain a very high concentration of serotonin. Serotonin is a hormone whose release is stimulated by the pineal gland.

The great Western physician and alchemist Paracelsus wrote: "Of all the elixirs, gold is the highest and the most important for us".

Cloud of gold dust against a black background

Colloidal gold and its growing importance

Until recently, knowledge about colloidal gold and its harmonizing effect was reserved for alchemists and insiders of secret societies. They enjoyed the rare privilege of studying the ancient traditions and writings. Only with the worldwide exchange of knowledge the knowledge about colloidal gold became more widely known and important.

More and more people recognize the benefits of gold for their health, mood and personal development. This trend continues with the increasing spread of the ancient, traditional knowledge. Therefore, the demand for our colloidal gold is growing steadily. We are preparing for a "colloidal gold rush".

Colloidal gold application today

Nowadays gold is used to colour glass red and to gild porcelain and glasses. In biochemistry and medical technology, gold particles are used for

  •   for labelling proteins
  •   for rapid tests
  •   as a carrier material of the gene gun (DNA is "shot" into cells)
  •   for gold-marked antibodies in electron microscopy

(Source: Wikipedia)

Cosmetic application of gold cream to a woman's face


In all cultures, gold was not only luxurious jewelry, but alchemical magic. Today, the beneficial effect has also arrived in the world of cosmetics. The cosmetic properties of gold have been known since ancient times. 

Ingestion of gold through food

Larger amounts of gold are available e.g. in

  •   shellfish (mussels, crabs, shrimps)
  •   carrots
  •   chicory

Gold is also added to food as a colouring E175. E175 is only approved for a few foods: It is mainly found in coatings and decorations for sweets and as an additive in liqueurs and spirits, e.g. in "Gdansk Goldwater". Apropos sweets: in India many sweets are coated with colloidal silver - a kind of general supply for the population.

The total amount of gold in seawater is estimated at about 9 billion tons. But this is difficult for us to extract and use - therefore our body is dependent on the intake of colloidal gold.

We attach great importance to the purity and quality of our products: Here you will only find colloidal gold of the purest quality with a concentration of at least 55 ppm (parts per million). One tablespoon a day is enough.

What do I need to consider when comparing prices for colloidal gold?

When comparing prices, you should pay attention not only to the fineness (particle size) but also to the gold concentration. Most traders only offer colloidal gold with a concentration of 10 ppm. You would therefore have to take five times more to achieve the same effect as with our gold water.

colloidal silver generator on a drinking glass

Making colloidal gold

Customers keep asking us if they can produce colloidal gold themselves - with a conventional colloidal silver generator. The answer: although this is possible, only very low gold concentrations in the ppb range are obtained. ppb means parts per billion. However, you would have to drink hundreds of liters of such a "thin" ppb gold water a day to achieve an effect. You need concentrations in the ppm range, i.e. a thousand times higher. 

The reason for the low concentration of colloidal gold in self-production: compared to silver, gold is a very inert element that requires a lot of energy to ionize: Gold ions are about 1000 times more difficult to detach from the metal lattice than silver ions due to electrolytic current supply.

To produce colloidal gold in effective ppm concentrations by electrolysis, a very strong and expensive generator is required and high and dangerous voltages must be applied. Therefore, colloidal gold cannot simply be produced at home. It is better to buy ready-made colloidal gold.

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